Bloody Hell, Someone Robbed ‘Lucifer’! (VIDEO)


You know, “thou shalt not steal” applies to angels and demons, folks.

In next Monday’s Lucifer, someone forgets that all-important commandment and earns themselves an enemy of biblical proportions in the devil himself.

Lucifer as victim? This is not going to end well, but we can’t tell you about the ending because it’s a doozy. What is safe to say is that the episode finds the dramedy’s central sin-monger (Tom Ellis) officially on board as a civilian consultant to the LAPD, making life miserable for sidekick Chloe (Lauren German). Although not as miserable as Lucifer is himself, after finding out that his storage unit has been burgled of something quite dear to him.

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Ellis’ Lucifer puts the “sin” in singing next week.

Along the way, there is the promise of a saucy threesome, a guest appearance by Tom Sizemore as a fashion-minded biker-gang honcho, an extremely unsettling therapy session with Linda (Rachael Harris) and a musical performance by Ellis himself in the opening moments that could send viewers racing to confession for the impure thoughts it’s sure to inspire.

Here’s an exclusive preview of the episode featuring clips of all the action and then some.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.