Fall in for DC Universe’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Extended Trailer (VIDEO)

DC Universe

If the Justice League had an oddball branch, it would totally be the Doom Patrol. And they’re kind of awesome in their own way.

Based on the DC Comics battalion first launched in 1963 by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney with artist Bruno Premiani, these unlikely heroes were introduced to DC Universe viewers on an episode of Titans and are ready to headline their own original scripted series. And now, we have a look at the first season’s extended trailer!

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'Doom Patrol' Reveals First Teaser Trailer, Drop Date & Character Art (VIDEO)

The 'Titans' spinoff enters on DC Comics' most beloved bizarros.

The reimagining of the classic characters features Brendan Fraser as Robotman aka Cliff Steele; Matt Bomer as Negative Man; April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman; and Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane. Overseeing (and often underestimating) this team — all survivors of some sort of accident or tragic event that has left them disfigured but also superpowered — is modern-day Dr. Frankenstein Niles Caulder, better known as The Chief (Timothy Dalton).

After the man who has united them to investigate cases of bizarre phenomena goes missing, the misfits of science are soon called on by iconic DC Comic hero Cyborg (Joivan Wade) for what may be either their greatest mission ever or last one ever. Either way, based on this trailer, it’s gonna be a hoot of a ride.

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Doom Patrol, premieres February 15, DC Universe.