‘Riverdale’: Robin Givens on Sierra and Tom’s Big Step, Reviving the Midnight Club & What’s Next

Robin Givens - Riverdale
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 12 of Riverdale, “Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale”]

Riverdale‘s latest installment was filled with even more wild twists and turns than usual!

Much of the The CW drama’s episode spent time with the parents reliving their Midnight Club days after receiving a threatening letter from the “Gargoyle King.” And one event in particular sparked that drama — Sierra (Robin Givens) and Tom’s (Martin Cummins) impending nuptials.

From the couple’s big day to Josie’s (Ashleigh Murray) Juilliard secret, there’s a lot going on for Sierra. TV Insider spoke with Givens about what’s next for the newlywed couple, Sierra’s relationship with daughter Josie, whether she’ll cross paths with recent arrival Gladys Jones (Gina Gershon) and more on Season 3.

First, let’s talk about Sierra and Tom’s big day…

Robin Givens: I know! So we weren’t able to do this big giant wedding because I’m also shooting other things. [And] when I was in wardrobe, everybody was like, ‘no.’ But it happened, and it’s cool, it’s very cool. I’m blushing as I talk to you, it’s so funny. [Laughs]

Is there wedded bliss in their future or is danger still lurking in Riverdale?

I think there’s always danger in Riverdale, like we all know. [But] you take little respites. Everybody gets to catch their breath just a little bit then there’s danger — they get a little time of wedded bliss, then they’re back to it, you know?

Now, Major Mason’s (Simon C. Hussey) gargoyle isn’t the only one that’s popped up around Riverdale. Have fans seen the last of the “Gargoyle King”?

Now that’s tricky… part of the fun is to wait and see. But there’s always a bunch of surprises.

What else should viewers expect as the season progresses?

Oh my gosh, there’s kind of unexpected love going on, which maybe isn’t a surprise because there’s always a lot of love in the midst of [chaos]. Maybe the love gets them through all of the fear and danger that’s going on, but that’s what I’d say.

The Midnight Club reunited for a few scenes in this episode. What’s it been like getting to work with all of the Riverdale parents at once?

It’s so cool. The UPM (unit production manager) that I’m working with right now is the same UPM that Mädchen [Amick] and I had when we did this pilot called The Verdict for Lifetime, so she and I have a connection. And then Luke [Perry] and I have a connection just from our Head of the Class and 90210 days, coming onto the scene at the same time. And I think, in many respects, even Molly [Ringwald].

We’ve all developed such a friendship, it’s so nice to actually be in a scene when we all get to be together and visit and chat. We talk about everything from politics to kids — just everything you could imagine, we talk about. Also, just in terms of the show, it’s nice when the focus is kind of on the adults. I think that particular scene with the Midnight Club, you realize what they were when they were younger, so it’s really cool. It’s dark, but you still get the feeling you’ve gone back in time with them, it’s great.

You can really feel that energy.

The chemistry on set is amazing. I mean, everybody really hangs out together and is really supportive of one another and really are friends. I think, even in Season 3, that’s part of the magic. I really believe that.

Josie didn’t tell Sierra about her Juilliard audition. Will that come up again in the future?

I think yes, that absolutely will come back up again.

How will their mother-daughter relationship fare with that secret?

I think they have such a wonderful relationship because I think [Sierra]’s kind of tough on [Josie], but really supportive of her. You kind of get the feeling they’re really in it together. One of the things that I love is my relationship with Ashleigh [Murray]’s character — she’s always so supportive of her.

We saw Sierra in action in the courtroom at the very beginning of this season. Will we see her flex her legal muscles again before the season is up?

Yes. I have to say personally, I’ve also really enjoyed the scenes. I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy just those quiet scenes with Camila [Mendes], like going to bail her out or sitting with Lili [Reinhart]. You get to know everybody in a different way.

Acting-wise, I’ve fallen in love with Lili in a whole other way, being opposite her in this quiet kind of way, supporting her. Not only is Sierra a lawyer, but she’s still a mom too so they can go to her for protection and help and I love that.

Gladys Jones (Gina Gershon) recently returned to Riverdale and she’s looking to stir up some trouble. Will any of it involve Sierra?

Well, I think they will cross paths. Sierra’s such a great character because she can kind of move through town pretty well. I mean, everybody gets in trouble, and she’s sort of an anchor and a sound person — she’s part of it but also out of it.

It’s been a crazy season. Are you just as shocked by the storylines was fans are?

What’s so great is when we do table reads and we’re all together — you should see the table reads — it’s like ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.’

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