8 of Cheryl Blossom’s Best One-Liners on ‘Riverdale’

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“Is being the gay best friend still a thing?”

Sorry, Kevin — but if you try to roast Cheryl, you’re going to get roasted right back.

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“Check your sell-by date, ladies.”

Cheryl found Betty and Veronica’s lip-lock “big finish” to their River Vixens audition to be a bit… expired.

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“Sorry to interrupt sad Breakfast Club…”

Even when she’s inviting people to her brother’s funeral, Cheryl manages to throw a zinger at Archie and his pals.

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“I think she’s crazier than a serial killer on bath salts.”

Tell us how you really feel about Polly Cooper, Cheryl!

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“That was a joke, you hobo.”

A season later, Cheryl follows this by referring to Jughead as “hobo” and Betty as “bride of hobo.” She certainly knows how to give a couple nicknames!

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“Out of the way, Bert and Ernie.”

This wasn’t just a zinger, it was a stinger: Cheryl shoved “Bert and Ernie” (Archie and Jughead) as she walked past them. Ouch!

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“Not today, Cha-Cha. I was born for this moment.”

This is pretty ironic now, considering where Cheryl and Toni end up. (#Choni)

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“My claustrophobia acts up in small houses.”

Archie’s house definitely took offense to this one.

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The self-described “it girl” of Riverdale High, Cheryl Blossom (or “Cheryl bombshell,” as she would call herself) is well known for her lavish style, her less-than-stable but incredibly wealthy family, her archery skills and her abundance of attitude. Seriously, she seems to have an insult prepared for every occasion and for every resident of Riverdale.

Click through the gallery above for eight of Cheryl’s most devastatingly well-crafted one-liners on Riverdale.

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