‘Home Town’: He Said/She Said With Erin & Ben Napier


The third season of Home Town — in which Erin and Ben Napier help their Laurel, Mississippi, neighbors renovate — is in full swing, but can these parents of 1-year-old daughter Helen nail our survey as well? Check out the too-cute couple’s takes on each other.

You met in college, so what was your first impression?

Ben Napier: She was different, and I was interested in that. She dressed different, walked different, cut her hair different. Of course, that was from the very first time I saw her from across the student union. Then, when I actually got to meet her, she responded to me differently from most girls. She didn’t let me carry on and flirt.

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The duo also spills how their lives have changed since 'Home Town' began.

Erin Napier: He was larger than life, the way he filled up a room. He was so popular, and I was enamored with him before we ever really met. He was so generous and gracious with his time and his kindness. It was impossible not to love him. Six days after we met to work on a yearbook feature — he was named one of the most interesting people on campus [at Mississippi’s Jones County Junior College] — we decided to get married.

Are you similar, or do opposites attract?

Ben: Well, I’d say we are quite different, and that’s what makes us so perfect. I mean, we both like old cars, good music, great food and New York City. I, however, am pretty laid-back and don’t get worried, while Erin worries enough for both of us — and everyone reading this! We prefer to work together as a team on literally everything. From renovation to parenting, we work best in tandem. Together, we are better than either of us is as an individual.

Erin: Ben is an eternal optimist — I am a worrier.

Which of you is most likely to go over budget?

Ben: Erin will go over budget. If it’s on one of our cars, I will!

Erin: I think we are both guilty of that on personal projects. If we’re doing our own kitchen, we think, “I don’t want to have to do this again for a long time, so let’s make it what we really, really want.” But for clients, we have to be good stewards of their money and will always stick to the budget. And not a penny more, if possible.

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