‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale: Closure for Everyone (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise.]

It’s finally here: the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. With just three couples remaining β€” Jenna and Jordan, Krystal and Chris, and Annaliese and Kamil β€” we’re down to the wire. It’s time to decide whether a break up or engagement is in their futures, so the pressure is on.

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Meanwhile, another fan favorite couple calls it quits.

Plus, it’s not just the remaining couples we’re going to find out the fates of. The cast also reunited for the first time since filming in Meixco and they definitely brought the drama.

Now, we finally have all our answers. Here’s what you missed on Bachelor in Paradise:

The Engagements

Annaliese and Kamil were up first, and honestly, this could have gone either way. Kamil admitted that while he does love her, he isn’t ready to get engaged and wants their relationship to have the chance to grow outside of paradise.

Surprisingly enough, Annaliese was on the same page.

And as fans all predicted, Jenna and Jordan got engaged.

As for Chris and Krystal β€” he tried to fake her out at first, then he proposed, and of course, she said yes.

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He's single and ready to mingle.

Resolving Some Issues

As soon as the reunion began, Angela totally called Eric out for acting like he didn’t know where she stood, but Eric said he felt like she had a wall up.

But he admitted that he was wrong, so there’s that, right?

Finally, Tia and Colton got some closure regarding their tumultuous relationship. Even after all their makeup, tears, and breakup, they turned out becoming friends IRL, which is a relief.

Kevin & Astrid

It was pretty unexpected when these two decided to call it off on Monday night, but is there hope for them? Fortunately, yes!

Once Astrid and Kevin came face to face (while being moderated by Chris Harrison, of course), Kevin actually apologized for all the baggage he brought to paradise that influenced his relationship with Astrid.

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Do villains still gotta vil after the cameras stop rolling?

They both ended up admitting that they’re still in love with each other.

Even better? They kissed on camera, sealing the deal, so it seems like a second chance does exist for these two.

Kendall & Joe

Ready for the shocker that none of us saw coming? Kendall regretted her breakup with Grocery Store Joe so much that she immediately flew to Chicago to see him and talk things out after paradise.

At first, Joe seemed hesitant to give her another chance, but after some dates (including flying back and forth between Chicago and LA), they’re now officially in a relationship!

Oh, and Joe’s going to be on Dancing With The Stars this season, so get ready to break out those tap shoes.

Annaliese & Kamil

After Annaliese told Chris Harrison about how great things were between she and Kamil, and how she’s hoping Kamil proposes soon, he promptly came on stage and dumped her. Ouch!

To make matters worse, Annliese revealed that she and Kamil just booked an Airbnb to spend the week together as a couple. AWKWARD.

Annaliese sobbed for a while onstage and yelled at Kamil. Luckily, he kept his mouth shut and just listened.

Jordan & Jenna


Jordan and Jenna seemed totally thrilled with their relationship, much to fans’ surprise. We even got to see a few clips of the happy couple making vision boards and planning their wedding since leaving paradise.

In fact, they even shared their wedding date (June 9, 2019) and asked Chris Harrison to ordain. We wonder if this is actually going to happen?

Krystal & Chris

Yes, they’re still living happily ever after β€” so much so that their moms are even BFFs, and Chris Harrison gifted them a crystal goose, which seems appropriate, to say the least.

If nothing else, these two seemed to find their perfect match in each other, oddly enough.

So, that wraps up another wild and crazy season of Bachelor in Paradise. Now all Bachelor Nation can do is wait for Colton’s season of The Bachelor to kick off in 2019. Is it January yet?