Is ‘The Proposal’ Couple Amber and Johnny Still Together?

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Monday night was the season finale of ABC’s latest dating show, The Proposal, and viewers met Amber Green, the newest mystery woman.

She’s 29, a single mother from Austin, Texas, and so ready to find love. Amber was married before (for seven years) and her perfect man is adventurous but is also ready to take on two children. She’s looking for someone who’s a mix between Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey.

After the initial first impression round, Shad, Johnny, Gray, Bryan, Shane, Ephesien, and John moved on to beachwear.

“I’ve never been in a room with such good looking, smart men,” Amber told the contestants before the second-round elimination. Johnny, Bryan, Shad, and Gray. Next up: dealbreakers!

Amber explained that she has two children and asked how the men felt about potentially becoming a stepfather. Then, she asked about spiritually, sex, and being open to love again. Bachelors Bryan, Shad, and Johnny made it to the next round where they faced Amber’s best friend, Danielle.

She asked again about family and what makes them the best man for Amber.

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The final two men were Shad and Johnny but in the end, it was Johnny — 28, from California — who stole her heart. He revealed that he lost his first love because of drunk driving and was supportive and inspired by Amber being a “super mom.”

He then proposed and she said yes! But is the couple still together?

Sadly, no.

According to The Proposal‘s Twitter, “Amber and Johnny dated for a while after #TheProposal, with Johnny even flying out to her hometown. However, they are no longer engaged and have decided to stay friends.”

Side note: This episode was the controversial one ABC originally postponed because one bachelor, Michael Friday, was accused of sexual assault. He was completely edited out of the episode and it acted as the season finale instead.