Ian Somerhalder Shows off His New ‘V-Wars’ Character

The Vampire Diaries, needoflove
Bob Mahoney/The CW

Ian Somerhalder is trading in his fangs for a white lab coat!

The former Vampire Diaries actor is starring in a new Netflix series, V-Wars, about — guess what? — vampires, but this time around he’s not playing one of the undead (that we know of).

Somerhalder’s new character, Dr. Luther Swann, is a human who’s trying to understand a dangerous and rapid-spreading disease that’s causing people to turn into vampires. It’s even infected his best friend, Michael Fayne (played by Adrian Holmes).

V-Wars has been given a 10-episode at the streaming service. It’s based off the IDW comic by Jonathan Maberry.

By the looks of the photo Somerhalder posted on Instagram, his character runs into some trouble, given the smeared blood on his knuckles.

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