What Are the Most Divisive TV Shows on Netflix?

Ian Somerhalder V Wars
V Wars

Not since the days of Siskel and Ebert have we seen this degree of disagreement!

Realizing that aggregated opinions tend to vary by website, the team at Budget Direct Home Insurance pulled IMDb user scores and Rotten Tomatoes audience scores for hundreds of Netflix series, then found the ones with the biggest gaps.

(FYI, the researchers also applied that same methodology to Disney movies, Marvel movies and Pixar movies, and determined that the most divisive titles in those categories were Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, and Toy Story 4, respectively.)

Scroll down to check out charts and information for the most divisive shows on Netflix by genre.

Drama Shows

The supernatural teen drama Jinn, an import from Jordan, ranks as the most divisive Netflix drama in this study, with Rotten Tomatoes users enjoying it much more than IMDb users. The musical drama Soundtrack, starring Paul James and Jenna Dewan, was almost as divisive but earned much better reviews on average.

Action/Adventure Shows

Rotten Tomatoes users loved V Wars, the now-canceled vampire horror series starring Ian Somerhalder, while IMDb users weren’t quite as dazzled. But just look at the low scores for the period drama Troy: Fall of a City, which range from bad to worse. (Troy: Fall of a Miniseries?)

Crime Shows

1994, a Mexican documentary about the country’s tumultuous 1994 elections, ranks as the most divisive crime show. But the runner-up, the forensics docuseries Exhibit A, earned worse reviews on average.

Comedy Shows

All About the Washingtons, a family comedy starring Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and real-life wife Justine Simmons, tops this ranking. The list also includes two shows with perfect 100s on Rotten Tomatoes: the Dutch comedy Toon and the French dramedy A Very Secret Service.

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