ABC’s ‘Castaways’ Challenges 12 Contestants’ Will to Survive


Think being in a deserted tropical paradise sounds like a dream come true?

For the 12 people stranded alone on a chain of South Pacific islands in this new reality series, Castaways, it will be the biggest challenge of their lives.

These sun-and-surf locales “may look beautiful,” says executive producer Grant Kahler, but “they can be the most difficult and dangerous environments in the world to survive in.”

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Everyone who sticks it out until a predetermined rescue date is rewarded, making Castaways more of a social experiment that explores how issues from the cast’s ordinary lives affect their decision-making here.

“When you remove all the noise of the outside world, self-reflection can be deafening,” he says. “The shipwreck scenario forces them to dig deep into their motivations and their ability to continue.”

Castaways, Series Premiere, Tuesday, August 7, 10/9c, ABC