Quiz: Do You Know ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters’ Last Words?

The Walking Dead
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

SPOILER ALERT: This quiz is regularly updated with some of The Walking Dead‘s freshest corpses. If you’re behind on the show, make sure you know who’s still breathing before you read on.

Living in the man-eat-man world of The Walking Dead, it would seem common sense to have some dignified last words planned out. That doesn’t seem to have occurred to all of the characters on the show. Some meet their ends mid-sentence (we’ll never know the end of that story about Axel’s brother) and others are too distracted by the extraction of their innards to think of anything eloquent on the spot. Even so, every once in a while characters get just the right amount of time to deliver a few choice words before they bite the bullet. Can you remember who said what in their final moments? Brush up on these parting words before more bodies pile up in the midseason premiere on February 14.

UPDATE: The bodies have piled up indeed. There were plenty more casualties in the Season 6 season premiere, and the show’s deaths over the last 2 seasons have run through every viewer emotion from shock to frustration to pure, twisted satisfaction (sorry Sam, but you had to go).

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