‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator & ‘Westworld’ Star Join the Outcry Against Fox News

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Sons of Anarchy creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter — who’s currently working on spinoff series Mayans MC with FX — has weighed in with his thoughts on Fox News’ coverage of President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy on immigration.

“The political decision made by this administration was heinous. But I don’t consider what Fox airs as ‘news.’ It’s manipulative propaganda, run by oligarchs, delivered by puppets, to control the fearful,” Sutter said in a statement to Deadline. “What I do with FX and Fox 21 is not influenced by that energy. Yes, we are all owned by the parent company, but contrarily, at FX, other artists and myself are given the freedom to tell stories that address real issues in a truthful way. I guess we just learn to live with the sad irony that our fiction is more truthful than Fox News’ facts.”

Another TV talent to disagree with how Fox News is handling the crisis at the US-Mexico border is Westworld actor Jonathan Tucker.

In a tweet, the actor declared he will be donating all residuals from projects associated with Fox to RAICES, which is the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.


Anger is mounting among top Hollywood producers and showrunners over Fox News’ coverage of President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy toward asylum-seekers from other countries, which has resulted in almost 2,000 children being separated from their families at the US-Mexico border.

Veteran producer Judd Apatow is calling for talent to boycott working with Fox, in a series of Tweets he sent out over the past few days.

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Below, read Apatow’s comments, as well as comments from people associated with Fox’s TV and movie entertainment arms of the company who have similar outrage over what the news division is saying.

Judd Apatow

Steve Levitan

The Modern Family creator, who also has a deal at 20th Century Fox TV, wrote:

Seth MacFarlane

Levitan is referring to MacFarlane’s — whose shows The Orville and Family Guy are on Fox — recent criticism of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s message to viewers to not trust other news outlets who are covering the immigration crisis. MacFarlane has admitted this makes him “embarrassed” to work for Fox.

Paul Feig

Feig, who’s made the movies Spy and The Heat with Fox Studios, also spoke out.