How Will Gabby Dawson Leave ‘Chicago Fire’? 3 Theories on Monica Raymund’s Exit

Chicago Fire - Season 6
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

As Chicago Fire fans know, the Season 6 finale left paramedic Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund) on shaky grounds at both work and in her marriage to Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer).

A few days after the episode aired, Raymund announced her departure from the series, which left us wondering: how the show will handle her character’s exit?

In the finale, Dawson and Casey get into the most emotional argument of their (at times) bumpy relationship: She wants to get pregnant right away despite learning about the severe health complications she’ll probably encounter, and he wants to explore other avenues of starting a family — like adoption.

In anger and sadness over this impasse, Dawson inquires at another firehouse about traveling to Puerto Rico as part of a hurricane relief effort team.

So, there are a few avenues executive producer Dick Wolf and his team could take with the character. Let’s break them down:

1. In A Land Far Away

Dawson goes to PR for an indefinite amount of time and they stay married.

This story line is the most realistic with how her character left off. It’s also one that makes the most sense, because it leaves room for Raymund to potentially return one day or for Spencer to leave as well (hopefully, one day far into the future).

2. Dawsey Divorce

Dawson and Casey get divorced — gasp! — and she moves away.

The couple have had a rocky go of it during Season 6, experiencing issues with communication, selfishness, and just not being on the same page about anything in their lives (like the baby fight).

It would also allow another romantic female character to be introduced for Casey, although the audience would expect him to grieve a little over his failed marriage.

3. RIP

Dawson tragically dies.

This is the most harsh and severe of the options because (obviously) it means Raymund cannot return to the series.

There hasn’t been a major character death on this show since fellow paramedic Leslie Shay (Lauren German) was killed in the line of duty in Season 2, Episode 22. Dawson’s death would allow the audience and the rest of the tight-knit firehouse to say goodbye.

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