‘Shadowhunters’: Malec Dinner Drama? Will Simon Gain Control Over His Powers? (VIDEO)

Freeform/John Medland
Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr in Shadowhunters.

This week’s Shadowhunters has everyone up to both good and, well, not so good.

First up, Clary (Katherine McNamara), Jace (Dominic Sherwood), and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) join forces on a mission, while Jace is still seeing visions that may or may not be real. Lilith (Anna Hopkins) also continues her devious plans (with a whole lot of blood).

Meanwhile, Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) end up hosting Alec’s visiting mother, Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude), for a dinner that has disaster written all over it—check out the exclusive clip below.

But the episode is also a turning point for our favorite daylighter, Simon (Alberto Rosende), as he realizes even more that his new powers are something he’s going to have to control or he’ll wind up hurting more people, including people he loves (like Maia!).

Rosende talked to TV Insider and filled us in on what to expect in this week’s episode. He also offered up some hints about what’s to come and answered some of our fun questions about his own TV viewing.

The fans love seeing Simon and Clary helping one another. How is it for you and Kat, since you’ve been off on separate journeys for a while?

Alberto Rosende: You know, Kat and I have both brought up how much Simon and Clary have changed over the last three seasons and one of the biggest parts is how Simon and Clary’s relationship has changed. Their paths don’t cross the way they used to or as frequently and that is weird for us. When they do cross, it’s always a nice, overdue check-in session and it’s always fun to work together.

Alberto Rosende

How would you characterize Simon’s feelings for Maia at this point? Is it love?

I think Simon definitely loves Maia, but I think he recognizes it as different; a love that is completely different from what he had with Clary. Also, there is a really interesting connection between Simon and Maia that I think they both need right now.

Is there a part of Simon that might come to like this new power he has??

Well this new ‘power’ has proven itself to be dangerous and very violent. Before Simon can grow to like it, he first must learn about it. He will have plenty of questions in the episodes to come.

We’ve heard a little bit about this daylighter legend. Safe to say it’s not a good thing? Will we find out more soon about it?

I will say Simon goes on a pretty cool journey learning about it. In the shadow world, are random abilities and titles ever a good thing? The legends behind them are always super fascinating—unfortunately for Simon, they are generally not fun.

Luke has really been there for Simon, but are these new powers going to get in the way of that?

Now that Simon just hurt a wolf very badly with these powers, Luke and Simon’s relationship will definitely be put to the test. I think there a few things that could get in the way. Simon is a vampire living in wolf territory and there has always been tension there. Now, with everything going on with Simon and Maia, Simon may be overstaying his welcome.

Viewers know that Lilith is becoming a bigger threat. Will Simon interact with her soon?

Simon is on his own path right now but we will see where that gets him.

What’s been the most challenging and the most fun part about filming Season 3?

The most fun part has been watching this show grow as we get deeper into our characters and the world around them. I think this also happens to be the most challenging thing. What is required of us with each new episode or even each new ability is to go deeper and explore more—or even sometimes to go back to things in the beginning. As the show continues, we have to have an awareness of all that is past and present. It’s a really awesome process!

Now, for the fun stuff. What do you like to snack on when you watch TV?

Lately, it has been chocolate-covered pretzels. But most of the time, anything—cookies, fruit, nuts, whatever I have at the house really.

What’s the last show you binged?

Hmm, the last show I binged was either Girls Incarcerated or Big Mouth on Netflix

If you could guest on any show, past or present, which would it be?

I would love to be on The Punisher.

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Superman or Batman?

Superman, hands down.

What emoji best describes you?


What would your autobiography be called?

I have no idea really. Maybe the Roman numeral ‘III’ because I am the third.

And just how did this dinner with Magnus and Alec and a surprise guest come about? Watch the below clip to find out!

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