‘The Bachelor’ Episode 10: The Fantasy Suite, an Ex, and ‘L’-Bombs (RECAP)

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Season 24 • Episode 10

[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 22 ninth episode of The Bachelor.]

The Bachelor: Women Tell All special on Sunday night teased the impending drama that’s definitely picking up in the last few episodes of this season.

From Krystal denying she changed her voice to Bekah’s missing person report to former contestant Caroline Lunny leaving fans on a big cliffhanger, we need to see know happens.

During Monday night’s episode, Arie takes the final three women—Rebecca K., Lauren B., and Kendall—to Peru.

The possibility of an overnight stay in the fantasy suite might just be what Arie needs to connect with each woman before he gets down on one knee to propose.

It’s now time for these relationships to pick up the pace and unfortunately, this means one of the fan favorites has to head back to the airport…alone.

Here’s what happened this week:

Kendall’s Dunes Date

Arie and Kendall head out on a date to the dunes of Peru for one last opportunity to get to know one another.

The date is initially fun and easy as the two laugh with each other, ride on a dune buggy and sand surf. For the most part, the date is adventure-filled and light-hearted but now is the time to get serious, girl.

Kendall isn’t ready to get vulnerable yet and describes her fears to Arie. She thinks he won’t be able to see past her quirkiness and get to know the real her.

“If Arie proposed to me today, I would say no,” she admits.

After Arie reassures her of his feelings for her, she finally tells Arie she’s falling in love with him. Which leads to a fantasy suite invitation, which she gleefully accepts.

The in a 180 degree move she says, “I hope for a proposal at the end of this.” Umm, what? Just thought you said you weren’t ready.

Lauren B. faces a Catch-22

Lauren B.’s in a feelings dilemma. What she’s experiencing is tough. Her emotions are real and intense, so much so, she’s afraid of getting deeply hurt. At one point, Lauren even goes as far to say that she’s considering going home.

“I have these deep-rooted trust issues and me knowing you’re dating other women is really hard for me,” she explains to Arie. Sorry but this is The Bachelor, right? Lauren…he’s supposed to be dating other women at the same time on this show.

Arie reveals he doesn’t have the same hesitation or fears and says the first “I love you” of the season. Awwww.

They head to the fantasy suite as LeAnn Rimes’ song How Do I Live blares dramatically in the background in between more kisses and more “I love you’s.”

Arie and Becca K. let love sail

She’s falling hard and ready to tell Arie she loves him on this date. The force is strong with this one.

“I feel so lucky to have met him and have him in my life right now,” Becca K. says to the camera behind-the-scenes.

After Becca tells Arie she’s in love with him, Arie tells her—you guessed it—he loves her too.

This is Ben Higgins all over again. Except Arie doesn’t seem so torn up by the fact that he’s in love with multiple women. He even goes as far to say he wants to end the whole thing now and propose to her. Curveball!

Becca continues to compare her feelings for Arie to her ex-boyfriend which has us all thinking, it must be the guy they’ve been teasing in the promos who comes to stir up drama.

The Mystery Ex Comes Knocking

All I want to know is where was this guy during hometowns?! Ross, is it? You really didn’t know until they got to Peru that an engagement was the end goal of the show? Okayyyyyy.

“Why is hotel management here?” Arie’s first reaction to Ross knocking on the door. Priceless.

Ross explains to Arie that Becca is the love of his life, after dating her for seven years, and wants to be the one to propose to her.

The conversation is oddly calm and they use terms like “bro” and “man” a lot. Hmmm.

“You broke up over a year and now you wanna profess your love?” Arie asks in his confessional.

Something about this whole thing is off. Becca doesn’t seem surprised when Ross knocks on her hotel door: “I knew you were gonna do this.”

His speech is pretty lame but at least the flowers he brought were pretty. Becca rejects him so at least we really know she loves Arie.

Ross for future a Bachelor season? Don’t hate it.

The Rose Ceremony

Before he hands out the final two roses, Arie asks to speak to Kendall away from everyone else.

“We had an amazing night together, and I always have so much fun with you,” he tells her. “I’ve just been thinking a lot about us, and I just don’t know…I don’t think we can get there.” There meaning the future.

Kendall looks slightly relieved in the moment. They hug it out, sheds some tears and she takes a solo limo ride home.

And there you have it. The final two women are Lauren B. and Becca K.

There was a lot of drama, heartbreak, and love in this episode but I’m ready for the really juicy part in next week’s 3-hour finale. What was Caroline trying to tell us?!

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