The Leslie Jones-Adam Rippon Commentary & More Great Celebrity Olympic Moments

Leslie Jones and Adam Rippon during the Olympics
Leslie Jones and Adam Rippon.

The Winter Olympics may be all about the sports, but half of the fun is seeing stars interact with the athletes.

Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones has become a staple of the Pyeongchang Winter Games, thanks to her usual, good-spirited antics as a guest commentator—this time alongside breakout figure skater Adam Rippon

Some of the most memorable moments at this year’s games happened between with this pair of fast friends. Though Rippon passed on becoming a full-time NBC correspondent, he did join Jones in giving some thoughts on all things Olympics.

One highlight came in their discussion of Canadian team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir—known as the “will they, won’t they,” couple of skating. To say that Jones and Rippon’s commentary was hilarious would be an understatement. In the video below, watch the duo as they chat with legendary Olympian Scott Hamilton.

This is certainly a top moment, but there are plenty more celeb-athlete interactions to go around. Below, see our roundup of the most notable pairings—some may surprise you!

Reese Witherspoon

The Big Little Lies actress was first pulled into the Olympic rhetoric when she praised Adam Rippon as the reason to watch this year’s games. Later on in an interview, Rippon said he wanted to make her proud and since that moment, the two have had a full-on lovefest on social media. See the conversation below.

While Witherspoon has definitely bonded with Rippon online, she’s also sent her love to Mirai Nagasu, the first woman to land a triple axel for Team USA. The two women exchanged sweet words over the twitterverse as well.

Kirstie Alley

In a less warm exchange, Alley (Scream Queens) made her distaste for the confusing sport of curling known. The actress tweeted (and later deleted), “I’m not trying to be mean but… Curling is boring.”

Of course, the curling team was quick to get back to Alley, who eventually changed her tune by agreeing to give it a second chance.

Zac Efron

The hunky actor is a loud-and-proud fan of the Olympics—he traveled to Rio in 2016 to meet gymnast Simone Biles after learning he was her celeb crush. So when it was announced that “This Is Me” from the soundtrack of his movie The Greatest Showman would serve as the official song of the Winter Olympics, the star made sure to show his support again.

Ellen Degeneres

Everyone’s favorite daytime host gushed about the Olympics on the evening of the opening ceremony. She’s also featured many of the athletes on her show in the last year, and is sure to feature more once the 2018 games have concluded.

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