The Middle: Can the Hecks Manage to Avoid 'Church Jail' on Christmas Eve? (VIDEO)

Sherry Huang
Michael Ansell/ABC

THE MIDDLE – “No Silent Night” — In an episode that takes place entirely on Christmas Eve, it’s a not so silent night for the Hecks as an attempt to stay home and watch church on TV instead of going to actual church sets off a string of events that finds the ties that bind hilariously unraveling in near real time, on “The Middle,” WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Ansell)

Is Christmas still Christmas

To get seats at church on Christmas Eve, the Hecks find themselves frantically speeding through the house changing out of comfy clothes into more appropriate church attire. Frankie (Patricia Heaton) falls into drill sergeant mode, giving rapid-fire commands to everyone to prevent getting seats in "church jail," aka. the second overflow room. ("Axl, you run in and lay yourself across the pew, saving seats...and this time, actually save the seats! Don't give it away to old people!")

There's only one chance to sit in the slightly-better vestibule: for Frankie and Sue (Eden Sher) to sweet talk the choir director. But the clock's ticking a countdown to service, and the Hecks may or may not get their act together in time, with an exasperated Frankie barking: "You know, it's just not fair! The people who go to church squeeze out the people who sometimes go to church!"

Watch this exclusive clip of "Not So Silent Night," when the Hecks feel more more mayhem than merriment on this week's episode of The Middle.

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