‘Faking It’: After Another Big Kiss, What’s Next for Amy and Karma?


It was the kiss seen all around the Cooper-Raudenfeld household as Karma planted an extremely wet one on her best friend Amy as she was helping her out of the swimming pool. But going into tonight’s season finale, Amy has no idea if the her BFF was Faking It at the time.

So we caught up with executive producer Carter Covington to talk Karma and Amy’s late-night lip lock, Lauren’s heartbreak and just how much trouble Felix is in.

I know Karma (Katie Stevens) was drunk at the time, but what was going through her mind during that kiss?
Well, that’s going to be a big question in Amy’s mind after the kiss and one that will propel her forward in the series. We’re not going to answer that now, but we will be answering it in the show. [But] Karma’s feelings behind that kiss are complicated.

How will it affect Amy (Rita Volk) going into the finale? She’s been working so hard to get over her feelings for Karma so far.
Yes, the kiss was the moment where Amy starts to have hope again, that maybe she and Karma can be together, and she’s going to bring that into the top of the next episode. We’re going to see how that plays out. It’s the first time she’s hoped that they can be together in a long time.

Shane (Michael J. Willett) and Liam (Gregg Sulkin) have both said some hurtful things to each other. Will they be able to move past it?
Shane and Liam’s relationship is really being tested this season, and we wanted to explore these two best friends and how are they’re going to get through these big things going on between them. They hopefully will get through it. They’re old, old friends, but we’re going to be watching the struggle.

How about Lauren (Bailey De Young) and Tommy (Erick Lopez)? She was really trying to open herself up and be vulnerable with him. How will his rejection affect her?
Lauren has worked so hard to let people in. It’s very hard for her to do that and Tommy gets into this place with her that is very vulnerable and when he rejects her, her walls go right back up and we will see that in [tonight’s] episode.

When he asked her to prom, it really seems like he was apologetic. Did he just freak out at the last second?
Tommy’s feelings for Lauren weren’t real. He really enjoys hanging out with her and sees her as his girlfriend and is attracted to her, but as they were getting close to sex, he wanted a little more time to ask questions and know what sex with her would be like. That’s fair for him to have those questions, but to Lauren they felt like a rejection and her walls went right back up and she pushes him out. If he had had a chance and if she hadn’t been so touchy and had really listened to him in that moment, they probably would’ve been able to work through it quite easily.

Then there’s Felix’s (Parker Mack) accident. I can’t imagine Principal Turner (Bernard Curry) is going to be very happy.
Principal Turner is going to blame Hester and its lax policies for having the party that would allow someone to drive drunk, like Felix, and get in an accident. It’s kind of the final straw that breaks the camel’s back in his feelings toward his hatred of Hester, and he’s going to lash out in the finale.

How did you feel about the reaction to the bisexual story line?
I’m really pleased that people seem to be responding positively to it and I love that people are noticing, “Hey, it’s refreshing to see a bi male character on television.” And not have the story be, “Does that exist?’ I hope that we are the first show… that really allows a male character to be bisexual without it being a big deal. I’m excited. There are so many bisexual fans of the show, and I want them to feel included and know that we respect and cherish that.

It was really interesting that Shane was kind of the most closed-minded one towards bisexuality.
Yeah. Some people were upset that Shane had these biases, but I think that people do and in order to get over bias, you have to challenge it and you have to have an open conversation and people have to be comfortable sharing how they feel. Shane was making this assumption that I’ve heard many, many people make. Karma corrects him, and we need to show more interactions like that, so that people understand how to talk to someone or a friend who has opinions that aren’t correct and how to get people to be more compassionate and tolerant. We’re trying to model how those conversations can happen.

Was it always the plan to have Wade (Cameron Moulène) get back together with his ex-girlfriend, or was that triangle going to play out a little while longer?
We always knew that we wanted Wade to come in to complicate things for Shane and Karma, but that we didn’t necessarily want to have him have a full romantic relationship with either of them. We wanted him to fall back with his ex-girlfriend, [which] clears the way for Karma and Shane to have some new romances.

The Faking It season finale airs tonight at 9:30/8:30c on MTV.