‘Faking It’s Rita Volk on Amy and Karma Being Lesbians…Again (VIDEO)


It’s a been a while since BFFs Karma (Katie Stevens) and Amy (Rita Volk) had to fake being a couple, but as the exclusive clip below shows, the duo will be at it again in tonight’s episode.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, we caught up with Rita Volk to talk how this might affect her and Karma’s relationship, if there might be something between Amy and Felix and how Shane’s taking his first big break-up.

Amy’s dad is back in the picture now. How will that affect her?
It means a lot for her because she doesn’t really have a parental figure she can relate to when she’s home with Farrah, who’s completely different from Amy and more similar to Lauren—which is always an awkward situation. There’s definitely a father figure lacking in her life. So it’s a huge thing for her. There are things that fill the void for her, like friends and relationships. But to have someone at home who you can really connect with, and who will be there and listen, that’s a big thing for her to have.

How will her family react to this?
Farrah’s a little excited that he’s sticking around. We’re going to learn a little bit about their relationship. And Lauren’s probably looking down on it, but also there’s a part of her that understands Amy needs that in her life, just like Lauren needs a mother figure.

I was worried about how it might affect Amy and Lauren’s relationship because they have this great sisterly bond now.
They’re really great foils for each other. They’re so different, but the thing that brings them together are that they’re both lonely in some ways. They both need basically another friend because everything in their life starts slipping away. Lauren’s going to have her problems with the relationships in her life, and obviously there’s everything that’s happening with Amy and Karma. So they’ll definitely find a kind of a solace in each other.

How will Karma react to Amy’s dad’s decision to stay?
She has a protective attitude towards the whole thing. She thinks that every time he’s in town he goes away again and keeps breaking [Amy’s] heart. So that’s kind of her reaction to it, which is understandable. [But] Karma has a dad, and that’s something that she needs to understand—that Amy’s trying to find that in whatever way she can.

Amy’s always dreamed of attending college. Will she be doing anything to fill up her college resume?
Not too much. She has other stuff that she’s trying to focus on, a lot of personal and social things. But she will wind up deciding what she’s going to do during the summer in the next couple of episodes.

How are things between her and Karma? Has Karma begun to let go yet?
It will be an issue. They have a complicated relationship because Karma does things to push Amy away, and when Amy gets pushed away Karma’s also like, “We’re best friends and we’re always going to be together. Why are you acting this way?” It’s like a constant tug between them, and it’s going to take a while for both of them to get over everything. But Amy’s definitely going to become more assertive. We’re going to see her become her own person because there’s only so much of it she can take before she gets fed up. It’s a feeling that she has that’s not being reciprocated. She can’t keep putting herself through the wringer like that every time and making herself vulnerable and getting shut down. If it’s not going to happen, it’s not going to happen. We don’t know if it will happen, but Amy as she is now, she just needs to be her own person. There’s definitely a great friendship between her and Karma, but there’s also naturally parts that [Amy’s] going to outgrow.

With her and Karma faking it again, how will Amy handle that?
It’s not easy for her because, at this point, it’s so convoluted. Karma thinks that Amy’s over it but she’s not fully over it. So to ask her to fake something she may or may not be is very confusing. She knows these feelings still remain for her, but she’s not really sure of who she is. That’s what’s really painful for her, that she doesn’t have this adamant identity to say, “This is who I am. This is how I feel.” There’s a lot of see-sawing between the two and that almost makes it worse.

Karma pointed out that Amy might have feelings for Felix. Will she be acting on them any time soon?
Her relationship with Felix is going to deepen. As we saw already, he definitely makes her question herself. He’s there to show that someone can come along and you can really have an attraction to that person, a connection, and it doesn’t really matter whether that person’s a male or female. He reminds us that Amy doesn’t know [herself] 100% but it’s okay that she doesn’t put a label on herself.

How is Shane doing now that he and Duke are officially over?
He’s nursing a broken heart… He’s going to grow a lot from all of this, and that’s what he needs. That’s what Duke’s character was for him, to have him finally grow and understand the importance of a relationship.

We’ll be meeting Shane’s mother and sister this season. What can you tell me about them?
They’re both a little crazy, his family, very kind of just, “Whoo! Let’s go with whatever and have a good time!” I think he might actually be a bit more mature than his mom, which is funny. We’re going to see how and why Shane is the way he is.

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