‘Ghosted’: Leroy and Max’s Next Case Hits Close to Home (VIDEO)

Ghosted - Craig Robinson, Adam Scott
Kevin Estrada/FOX
Pictured L-R: Craig Robinson and Adam Scott

Now that Ghosted‘s Leroy (Craig Robinson) and Max (Adam Scott) are investigating all things that go bump in the night, they won’t have to look far for their new case: Jermaine (Ethan Drake Davis), Leroy’s former partner’s son, gets infected with a zombie rage virus. (Who hasn’t that happened to?)

In the exclusive clip below, Jermaine gets infected by a mysteriously evil cat…and Leroy and Max discover how bad things are for the kid. “Now they are having to make sure they get this infected zombie kid back to his mother before she figures out,” executive producer Tom Gormican says. “And he’s turning into a zombie on Halloween night.”

Check out a scene from Sunday’s new episode, “Bee-Mo.”

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