Yelp Seemed Happy ‘South Park’ Compared it to ISIS

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Yelp seemed happy South Park compared it to ISIS

Yelp’s official Twitter account live-tweeted last night’s anti-Yelp South Park episode, in which Yelpers form an ISIS-like militant group. The episode ended with one of the most disgusting scenes in South Park history. At the end of the episode, Yelp tweeted to South Park: “Thanks for the great night!”

Tavis Smiley’s books on Michael Jackson’s last days and Maya Angelou are set to become TV series

The PBS host has signed a deal with Warner Bros. TV to turn his upcoming book on Jackson’s final 16 weeks, Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days, into a TV series. In addition, his book My Journey with Maya, based on his 30-year friendship with the legendary poet, is getting the TV treatment.

John Stamos charged with DUI, faces up to 6 months in jail

The Grandfathered star was officially charged today with misdemeanor DUI following his arrest in June in Beverly Hills.

Homeland co-creator can’t help but admire the “Homeland is racist” graffiti

Alex Gansa responded to the news that three of the artists his show hired had been subversive: “We wish we’d caught these images before they made it to air. However, as Homeland always strives to be subversive in its own right and a stimulus for conversation, we can’t help but admire this act of artistic sabotage.”

Quit calling Lamar Odom a “Kardashian reality star”

SportsCenter’s Scott Van Pelt ranted last night over the media’s coverage of Odom. “Kardashian reality star? No, no, no no,” Van Pelt said. “Lamar Odom, unlike those for whom fame is oxygen, whose fame comes in the absence of accomplishment, his fame was earned,” he said on his new “SportsCenter” show. “As sixth man of the year, as a multiple NBA champion. As the result of his significant role of the Los Angeles Lakers teams and being a beloved NBA teammate and peer.” PLUS: Odom was portrayed with a lot of sensitivity on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Disney Channel announces Descendants 2

A sequel to hit TV movie has been commissioned.

Today to host a Donald Trump town hall

NBC can’t quit The Donald. On Oct. 26, Matt Lauer will host a live town hall with Trump. PLUS: Jimmy Fallon as Trump watches the Democratic debate with David Alan Grier as Ben Carson.

Why Empire’s post-apocalyptic Black Panther-themed music video was so “icky”

“Even if such shameless self-preservation makes narrative sense, it still feels kind of icky, not unlike the way Jay Z’s Occupy Wall Street T-shirts—which did not actually benefit the Occupy Wall Street movement—felt downright offensive,” says Aisha Harris. “It seems as though the writers wanted to represent what is happening right now to blacks in America while hearkening back to movements of the past—which is great!—but could only find a way to do so through characters who don’t actually care outside of how it can benefit them.” PLUS: Empire had a Buffy Easter egg, Empire boss on the Bunkie story, Andre Royo talks Thirsty vs. Bubbles, and Empire ratings tumble for the fourth week.

Conan O’Brien appeared on Armenia’s version of The Daily Show

Conan’s weeklong visit to Armenia this week included a stop by the political satire show ArmComedy.

American Horror Story may return to its Season 1 roots

Ryan Murphy was spotted yesterday at the Victorian murder house that launched his FX series.

Rob Lowe would be on board for a West Wing reunion, if Aaron Sorkin were involved

“If Sorkin writes it, I’m in,” Lowe wrote on a Reddit AMA.

University of Georgia planning to give dropout Ryan Seacrest an honorary doctorate degree

The American Idol, who briefly studied at the SEC school, will headline next year’s graduation ceremonies.

Toyota ad reunites Back to the Future co-stars

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd came together to talk about what from Back to the Future Part 2 came true.

Advertisers couldn’t jump aboard Jeopardy!’s Matt Jackson bandwagon

The paralegal’s 13-game win streak ended last night with advertisers unable to capitalize on the increased number of eyeballs since the ad inventory had already been sold out.

Stephen Colbert and Jack Black sing a new political anthem: My Kind of America

“I’ve written my own pop anthem that’s free for any candidate to use,” says Colbert. “It’s generic enough not to offend anyone, but generic enough to be loved by everyone.”

NBC announces Seeso, a comedy on-demand streaming service

NBC likens the $3.99 a month service to a “comedy-only version of Netflix.” Seeso will offer 20 original series, including shows from Dan Harmon and Wyatt Cenac.