‘Doctor Who’s Michelle Gomez on Why The Master Should Be President (VIDEO)


Michelle Gomez is The Master of the universe (or, at least, the Doctor Who universe). The Scottish actress time traveled (we think) to the TV Insider offices to talk about her character’s story arc on Season 9.

When asked if she knew her mysterious role would be revealed as The Master, Gomez admitted that she did, but the secret had to be kept under tight wraps. “I wandered around the streets with a very odd smile on my face. I am a real fan and I couldn’t tell anybody.” Well, except her husband and one other friend, under threat of a “divorce and the end of a friendship,” she joked.

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And now that Gomez has, um, mastered the role of a Time Lord who wouldn’t mind being an overlord, what other show would she guest star on? “Veep,” she said immediately. In fact, she believes The Master would make a “monstrous but delightful” president, and one who would “look excellent in heels,” just like Selina Meyer.

Watch the video to also hear Gomez share why she calls Jenna Coleman “my gal.”

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