‘Jane the Virgin’s Latin Lover Narrator Recaps Season 1 in Under 2 Minutes

Jane the Virgin
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Fall TV Preview 2015The very last telenovela-esque twist in Jane the Virgin’s first season was the kidnapping of Jane’s newborn by crime boss Sin Rostro. Luckily for Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni), showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman promises that little Mateo will return to his mother and hints at “maybe three” weddings. Also, Jane will finally choose between Rafael and ex-fiancé Michael (Brett Dier). Let Jane’s Latin Lover Narrator (as written by Urman) catch you up!

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All right, here we go! Let’s start at the beginning.… Jane Gloriana Villanueva’s life was perfectly on track. That is, until she was accidentally artificially inseminated!

And the father-to-be? Rafael Solano, the rich owner of the Marbella hotel on whom Jane just so happened to have a crush in high school. And zoinks! Rafael had cancer, so it was his very last sperm sample!

Oh, and did I mention that Jane’s a virgin? Well, she is! Which made her pregnancy that much more…miraculous.

You know who wasn’t thrilled with the baby news? Jane’s detective fiancé, Michael. Oh, and Rafael’s wife, Petra.… Not that Petra was an angel. In fact, she was sleeping with Raf’s best friend, Roman Zazo! But wow! Roman was impaled on an ice sculpture.…

Then Rafael found out about the affair, so he ended his marriage. And Jane couldn’t fight her feelings for Rafael, so she broke off her engagement. But happily ever after for these two? Not by a long shot.…

See, Jane’s ex-fiancé, Michael, found secret tunnels underneath the Marbella! And the tunnels were connected to Sin Rostro—a notorious crime boss. And Sin Rostro turned out to be Rafael’s stepmother, Rose! And then she killed Rafael’s father and disappeared! It was an OMG moment.

And all that drama…well, it stressed out our poor star-crossed lovers. And so Rafael ended things with Jane. By the time he realized he had messed up, well, her feelings for Michael were coming back.… If it sounds straight out of a telenovela, it is!

And speaking of telenovelas, Jane found out her father was telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega. And her mom is Xiomara—well, she fell for Rogelio hard but ultimately the two decided they’d be better off as friends. Then, oops! They tied the knot after a drunken trip to Vegas.

And our Jane? She decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer, so she applied to grad school—and promptly went into labor in the dean’s office. A baby was born! And they named him Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva. It was a beautiful day…

…until a nurse took the baby for a hearing test and then promptly delivered him to Sin Rostro! Which is where we left off.…

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Jane the Virgin, returns Monday, Oct. 12, 9/8c, The CW