8 Huge Hillary Clinton Moments From ‘The Tonight Show’

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

First came Chris Christie. Then came Donald Trump. Now: Hillary Clinton.

After nae naeing her way into viewers’ hearts on Ellen last week, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made her first late-show appearance on The Tonight Show, wearing a pink shirt that matched Jimmy Fallon’s tie (a happy accident?).

She launched right into a hilarious phone interview sketch. Jimmy donned his Donald Trump getup again to make a call—on a gold rotary phone—to his presidential adversary, who showed off her tech savvy by speaking on a mobile phone.

Fall-Trump opened with, “What would you do to help women in this country?” Clinton got serious and emphasized her passion to fight for women’s rights. But when asked what his stance was on women’s rights, Fall-Trump responded with a trademark zinger: “I know a lot of women, and they all have issues.”

After the sketch, Clinton sat down for a real one-on-one with Fallon. Here are the highlights, from the sketch to the interview.

Women: We Can Do It! Even though Clinton was acting her part in the sketch, she stood her ground for women’s rights: equal pay in the workplace, protecting health and reproduction rights and affordable child care.

The Value of True American(s). No, Fallon and Hillary didn’t play the New Girl drinking game (though it would be a surefire sketch). But Hillary made sure to emphasize her solidarity with Americans by referencing them both in the sketch and the interview. “We’re adaptable as Americans. You never know what to expect from us. We can get it done,” she said.

Wine, Don’t Whine. In one of the best bits of the sketch, Fall-Trump offered some advice to Clinton on how to win the campaign. “First, yell,” he said. “Next, pick three things everyone loves and say you hate them. Puppies? Stupid. Rainbows? Total losers. Fall foliage? Tree puberty. Are you asking all this down?” Clinton’s arm disappeared off-screen to (supposedly) grab a pen…but reappeared with a glass of white wine instead. Wink wink. Sip sip.

One Tough Mother(fill-in-the-blank). Whether Fallon meant to say Clinton was “a tough mother” or “tough motherf–ker,” one thing was clear: Clinton is tough enough to be president. “I wouldn’t mess with you. You’re like if [UFC fighter] Ronda Rousey shopped at Ann Taylor Loft,” said Fallon. BAM.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

“It’s real! It’s real!”

The Hillar-Hair Is Real. Clinton offered Fallon a chance to touch her hair. Grabbing a handful, Fallon pulled and shouted, “It’s real! It’s real! It’s got wave! It’s fantastic! …And it smells great!”

“This Grandma Knows How to Use an Email.” Fallon addressed the recent email server scandal (“What is in the emails?! That’s all we want to know.”), but Clinton downplayed her emails as boring…the most “exciting” one about how to order gefilte fish. Said Fallon, “I think the headline should be, ‘Grandma knows how to use an email.'”

Hillary and Kim Kardashian Took a Selfie! While stumping out in Los Angeles, Clinton met Kim Kardashian and Kanye. So what else to do but take a selfie? (“She’s a pro,” Clinton said.) But, wait, did Clinton really know who Kim Kardashian was? (But of course!)

Clinton Can Work a Camera, Too. Back in the ’90s, when she was the First Lady, Clinton went out for a walk around the White House…when she was spotted by a group of tourists. But failing to recognize her, the tourists asked to have a photo taken by her instead of with her.

And where does Clinton see herself in five years? “Well, sitting right here, talking about running for re-election,” Clinton revealed. As Trump would say, that would be “huuuuuuge.”