‘Big Brother’: Chaos Erupts in Paradise (RECAP)

Big Brother - Jason Dent
Spoiler Alert
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Jason Dent wearing his HOH room key on Big Brother.

Big Brother is a show that relies on its unpredictability and despite the obvious course that this game has been taking, it must always be remembered that the show never disappoints on its promise to expect the unexpected.

Broken promises, rain delays, and “World War 3” made an appearance in the Big Brother house this week. Starting off slow, things in the house took a pivotal turn this week as they usually do when the number of houseguests begin to dwindle. For an in depth recap please read on, but beware of spoilers.

The Cast

It seemed as if Alex’s main purpose this week was to keep nudging Jason on the shoulder as he continued to do the opposite of what she wanted. Playing along with Paul and Jason, she agreed to target Matt and Raven, but has been suspicious of Kevin for a while. In a last ditch effort before the veto ceremony, Alex tried her best to convince her closest friend Jason to put up Kevin in Matt or Raven’s place, but things did not go her way. Despite her connection to Jason, who is currently receiving a lot of heat from his fellow players, Alex continues to prove herself as one of the strongest players this season, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.


Playing along with the majority, Christmas held firm with the plan to target the last showmancers in the house this week. Other than her compliance with the plan, this week was rather mellow for this methodical contestant. Christmas’ only big moments this week included her revelation that Alex is the biggest threat in the game and comforting Josh after a spat with Kevin. Since she didn’t ruffle any feathers, it is safe to say that she’ll be sticking around for a little bit longer.

Winning Head of Household at the beginning of the week, things were looking good for this rodeo clown. Yet his position in the game may have gone from good to bad when Jason refused to put his friend Kevin up on the block as a replacement nominee after winning the veto. This choice sparked what some called “World War 3”, when Matt and Raven made a scene over the decision. Even Jason’s friendships seem to have become more distanced, especially as Paul and Alex become less pleased with his choices. If Jason continues to fall out of grace with his fellow houseguests he might have to pack his bags and move into the jury house.


There was a point in this game when Josh maintained a low profile, and that time has come to an end, when he called out Kevin for some weird behavior. Sure, Josh is mostly bark and no bite, but his frustrations were valid, as he accused Kevin of taking the first temptation, which is true. Christmas and Paul were able to calm this “meatball” for now, but if Josh cannot keep his temper under control it could be his downfall.

The oldest houseguest was not having any of the behavior of his fellow players this week, from the veto competition to the blatant lies told about himself by others, Kevin finally put his foot down. The suspicions that Alex first voiced were now in the minds of others, and it was a mine field that Kevin could no longer avoid. When Josh vocalized these suspicions to Kevin’s face, the safe game he had been playing was changed, and only time will tell if the exchange will harm Kevin’s game fatally.


This week was finally the kiss of death for the perpetual nominee, Matt, who sacrificed his game for his partner Raven. Matt’s compliance with being put on the block was reliant on the belief that Kevin was the real target, but as soon as Jason didn’t use the veto, things went from bad to worse for the cereal lover. The betrayal was the final straw for Matt, who confronted Jason on his choice to keep nominations the same, and viewers saw a side of Matt that they hadn’t seen before. Ultimately, Matt accepted his fate as the evicted houseguest in one of the final weeks of the game.

Just like her partner Matt, Raven went into this week with a delusion of security as she never expected to be sitting on the block. Even when she was told that Kevin was the real target, Raven let this blind safety keep her from seeing the truth. After the veto meeting ended, Raven would no longer stand idle knowing that her and her partner were in unavoidable danger of being eliminated, so she confronted Jason, but it is yet to be seen if the exchange will be more damaging for Raven or Jason’s game.


Once again this vet lives another week in the Big Brother house, and his fellow competitors don’t even suspect the extent by which he is manipulating them all. Every week, Paul continues to reach the goals he sets for himself and at this pace, his seat in the finale is almost inevitable. Even as confrontations popped up all around him, Paul kept himself out of the line of fire.

Most Dramatic Moment of the Week
This week started off with a calm, but that can certainly be considered the calm before a storm since conflicts flared like a firework finale at the end of the week. The first confrontation to make the list was Matt and Raven’s fight with Jason. The argument began moments after the veto meeting, and Raven wouldn’t let Jason’s avoidance of the situation off so easily. Matt defended his partner by forcing Jason to talk, and the showmancers seem to have forgiven Jason as a person, but the same might not be said for his game play.

As for the second confrontation of the week is the moment between Kevin and Josh when tensions over suspicious behaviors came to a head. The heated exchange was valid from both sides, but it is yet to be determined over who will come out of the exchange with a lesser target.


Cutest and Funniest Moment of the Week

There were a few funny moments to balance out the explosive fights, and they mostly occurred in the bathroom mirror. The first moment featured Josh and his tooth brushing routine, which apparently includes elaborate dance moves, the second was Kevin’s routine which includes using his toothbrush for its intended purpose while simultaneously using it as a hair brush.


There is only one more showmancer remaining in the house, but Raven’s future doesn’t look so bright, and despite this state of minimal showmancers, things are only just getting started in the jury house, where most of these former players are residing. This week, viewers got a glimpse of the evicted houseguests, as well as the reunion of Mark and Elena, keeping the loves of Big Brother alive.


Due to the unexpected nature of the game this week receives 4 vetos out of 5.