Report: NFL Wants Bruno Mars to Return as Super Bowl Halftime Performer

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Report: NFL wants Bruno Mars to return as Super Bowl halftime performer

The Uptown Funk singer performed just last year at the Super Bowl, joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in February 2014. Now, according to EW, the NFL has requested that Mars return as its halftime performer for Super Bowl 50, which is being played in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The View will let Donald Trump be interviewed by phone

The Donald’s phone-in appearance will happen on Thursday, one day before his visit with Jimmy Fallon. PLUS: What if NBC released raw footage of Trump on The Apprentice?

The Walking Dead has to deal with drones hovering over the set looking for spoilers

“With the advent of drones,” says showrunenr Scott M. Gimple, “it can become such a game of cat and mouse that as far as sneaking a peek at the actors walking to set, we want to just keep our actors safe and the people who might be looking safe — like [when they’re] in the street.”

Stephen Colbert is reportedly taking a pay cut to do The Late Show

On CBS, he’ll be paid a reported $4.6 million a year, down from the $6 million he earned on The Colbert Report. PLUS: Colbert’s first taping ran long due to technical glitches.

MTV gives Girl Code‘s Nicole Byer a scripted comedy, orders 3 pilots

Byer is also producing a Girl Code spinoff called Ladylike. PLUS: MTV has also ordered a campus rape revenge fantasy.

Joy Behar to fill in as moderator when Whoopi Goldberg isn’t on The View

That’s one of the reasons Behar was lured back to the ABC daytime talk show. PLUS: 9 things you didn’t see on TV from The View‘s premiere.

Shonda Rhimes’ decision to not get married carried over to Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang

“I guess I had been secretly feeling that way and writing it for Cristina,” she says. “We’re all so conditioned to want it, I felt like there must be something wrong with me. But the minute I said it out loud to my family, it was fantastic.

Real Housewives of New York loses Heather Thomson

“When the opportunity came to do this show, I had this list of pros and cons,” she says. “Three years in, the pros list is just gone. They don’t exist anymore.”

Once Upon a Time is bringing back Ruby

Meghan Ory is set to reprise her role for a multiepisode arc.

Why Jim Gaffigan — and not Stephen Colbert — is America’s top Christian comedian

The problem with Colbert, says Ruth Graham, is that he alienates Christian conservatives. Gaffigan, on the other hand, is apolitical.

Les Moonves talks about his 20-year tenure at CBS, expresses disappointment in Big Brother‘s casting

In a wide ranging interview, the CBS boss talks about how overnight ratings don’t matter, how he doesn’t see the original programming boom as sustainable and says “this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother.” “Usually you have one or two disappointments,” he says. “I think we had five or six disappointments.”

Where are the movie-to-TV reboots for women?

Many of the movies being remade as television shows revolve around men. Why are women being left out of the adaptation boom?

Sarah Michelle Gellar is launching her own cooking and lifestyle brand

Foodstirs will debut in October, offering kid-friendly healthy eating options.

BBC to rewrite history books with its drama series on the birth of England

The Last Kingdom, from the producers of Downton Abbey, won’t portray the invaders of England as bad guys. Instead, it will offer a balanced view of both sides.

Comedy Central orders a series exclusively for Snapchat

Comedian James Davis will star in Swag-a-Saurus for the social media platform.

South Dakota’s The Flintstones-themed park is closing

The Flintstones Bedrock City Theme Park and Camping Resort has been sold to a hotel developer after nearly 50 years in operation.

Discovery Life celebrated Labor Day with the special How to Make Love to My Wife

The one-hour special followed a man as he learned lessons on how to please his wife.

Presenting the 50 best musical moments on TV

No. 1: Sia’s Breathe Me from the Six Feet Under finale.\

CW orders The Drop, an electronic dance music drama pilot

R.J. Cutler and DJ Steve Angello are behind the “sexy” drama set in the world of Miami’s EDM scene.

Check out the Dancing with the Stars cast photos

Plus, watch Paula Deen use her bosom to greet her dance partner.