Brian Grazer: ‘Arrested Development’ Deal is ‘Close’

20th Century Fox TV

Imagine Entertainment boss Brian Grazer is also bullish on the return of Arrested Development.

A few days after Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos confirmed that “negotiations are under way” for another season of Arrested Development, executive producer Brian Grazer said planning for Season 5 is happening.

“It is really close,” he said of a deal between Netflix, 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV. “We just have to call all of the actors and get business affairs to figure out a date for Arrested Development.”

Grazer, who was at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote Empire, said he expected production to commence next summer, “so all the actors can work. They have to be on hiatuses from other shows.”

But take it to the bank: Grazer is one of the key players who can make it happen. “I think it’s going to happen,” he said. “I’m really working on it too. It will happen.”

That echoed what Sarandos told reporters earlier at TCA: “It is our intent to have a new season of Arrested Development,” he said, but first producer 20th Century Fox TV must seal new deals with cast and producers. “It’s plugging along.”

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