What's Worth Watching: Tunnel of Blood

Aubry D'Arminio
Doug Hyun/TNT

Murder In The First

Murder in the First, "Schizofrenzy" (Monday, June 15, 10/9c, TNT)

Surprise! Pursuing a school shooter into an underground tunnel at the end of last week's Murder in the First premiere got a member of the SFPD homicide squad killed. Tonight, we find out the identity of the unlucky copper—and that the baddie the team was hunting couldn't have felled him or her. He'd already ditched the tunnels and hailed a taxi—making the only possible suspects fellow police officers. So, just like the premiere first made it seem like this season would be about the search for a missing undercover operative, then pulled a switcheroo when two teenagers massacred over a dozen classmates, tonight's episode adds a third case to the mix: A cop-on-cop killing. (My bet is that case one and three are connected.) Regardless, the team still has to catch their young on-the-run  murderer (the other boy remains hospitalized), who's quickly deteriorating both mentally and physically. The conclusion is sad, but satisfying.