What's Worth Watching: Cute as a Benjamin Button

Aubry D'Arminio
Comedy Central

Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer, "80s Ladies" (Tuesday, May 19, 10:30/9:30c, Comedy Central)

Tonight's Inside Amy Schumer introduces a character the comedienne has been honing in front of her family for years: six-year-old beauty pageant regular Amy Merryweather Sherman. Little Amy likes Crackerjacks and Jesus. She has a cute little turned up nose, big blonde hair, and a great set of knockers due to Fetal Red Bull Syndrome, which is causing her to mature at six times the normal rate—yet, doesn't disqualify her from entering the Little Miss Hot as Balls competition in Narnia Springs, Indiana. And that's probably a good thing, because we're pretty sure that without the pageants, Amy's stage mom, Cleopatricia (2 Broke Girls' Jennifer Coolidge), would dump her at the side of the road.