Elizabeth Warren Talks Samantha Bee off the Ledge on ‘Full Frontal’ (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee, Elizabeth Warren, Full Frontal, TBS

Samantha Bee opened Wednesday night’s episode of Full Frontal with a look at the massive assault on the American healthcare system that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally released like a plague of locusts last Thursday. “It’s called trickle-down,” Bee explained. “Poor people will still get access to the antibiotics that rich people shed in their urine.”

Of course, with crazy, demoralizing s**t like this happening basically weekly, and with no end in site until 2018 at the earliest, we could all use a pep talk. And for that, Bee has one hell of a motivational voice to turn to: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Full Frontal host and the Democratic superstar discussed a variety of topics, including: how to turn sexist attacks into empowering feminist memes; whether or not Warren is running…for Massachusetts Senate in 2018; and the senator’s favorite show…Ballers. Yeah, that Ballers.

But Bee didn’t cartwheel through double-dutchers and smash through plate glass just to talk about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s HBO series. She came for inspiration, and Warren delivers. Her advice: “Get in the fight and fight as hard as you can…When you’re told to be quiet, you don’t sit down and be quiet. You stand back up.”

Because against all odds, Warren still thinks we’re going to come out of these dark times better than where we started. “Because we don’t have any choice.”