First Look: Steve Guttenberg Joins ‘Ballers’ for Season 3

Ballers - Dwayne Johnson and Steve Guttenberg
Dwayne Johnson and Steve Guttenberg in Ballers

Steve Guttenberg is ready to play ball. When the HBO comedy Ballers returns for Season 3, the veteran actor kicks off an eight-episode arc as billionaire Wayne Hastings Jr., a Las Vegas casino, hotel and real estate magnate. “Wayne is assertive, conceited and pretentious,” Guttenberg says. “I love the guy!” His deep pockets will certainly prove captivating to Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson, left, with Guttenberg), the Miami-based former NFL star turned money manager. Spencer and his partners at financial firm ASM—Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry) and Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff)—will attempt to woo Wayne to invest in their new business venture. “Wayne is a potential whale, and they want to entice him,” Guttenberg says. “There will be a power game between him and Spencer—but if I told you any more, then Rob Corddry would have to kill me!”

Ballers, Season Premiere, Sunday, July 23, 10/9c, HBO