'Battle of the Network Stars': Take a First Look at Your TV Favorites in Action (VIDEO)

Jim Halterman
Exclusive ABC/Byron Cohen

"White House vs. Lawyers" - Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, Marlee Matlin, Cornelius Smith, Jr., LaMonica Garrett

On a warm day in May, while tourists hung out on Malibu beaches and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of sunny California, a group of celebrities from TV past and present assembled at Pepperdine University to face-off in a Battle of the Network Stars.

The ABC revival pits themed teams (TV Sitcoms vs. TV Kids kicks off Thursday's premiere episode) against one another as they compete in sporting events like tennis, track and field, archery, dunk tank, golf, obstacle course and, of course, the always fun and intense tug of war. Of course, with competition also comes lots of laughter and a healthy dose of trash talk.

Game On! A Look at ABC's Robust 'Battle of the Network Stars' Lineup

Game On! A Look at ABC's Robust 'Battle of the Network Stars' Lineup

The classic 'Battle of the Network Stars' is back, and your TV favorites are ready to wage war—on each other!

"They are real people and there are things that they're not good at sometimes and things that they're nervous to do and they still put themselves out there and they try as hard as they can," says red team coach and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey in the exclusive clip below. "They're not perfect but if they fall down, they smile and laugh at themselves and get back up and keep going. I think that's the main thing that people can get from the show."

Here's a first look at Battle of the Network Stars:

Battle of the Network Stars, Thursdays, 9/8c, ABC