‘Supernatural’: 8 Burning Questions After Season 10

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What fearsome reign the Darkness will bring is yet unknown, Carver says, but even "Death [was afraid] he'd be destroyed by its coming."

Darkness is coming. At Season 10’s end, Supernatural’s Winchester brothers inadvertently unleashed a new threat to humanity: the Darkness, a lethal gloom that long ago had covered Earth before God and the archangels imprisoned it for eternity. Or so they thought. When wicked witch Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) cast a spell that finally freed Dean (Jensen Ackles) from the cursed Mark of Cain, the dormant Darkness was liberated, crashing to Earth in the form of black clouds. Exec producer Jeremy Carver sheds some light on the situation. (And get more answers at the Supernatural Comic-Con panel on Sunday, and visit TV Insider’s Comic-Con page for more features.)

In the closing moments of the season finale, we saw the Darkness envelop the brothers inside their Impala. What’s next?
Fans should be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. What we have planned so far is pretty wonderful, but it’s very hard for me to tease it.

If Dean had ended up killing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and going into exile to remove the Mark of Cain, as Death (Julian Richling) had advised, the Darkness would never have returned. Will Dean have regrets about his decision?
There’s no question the boys will feel the burden of having been part of releasing the Darkness. It’s tough for me to believe, however, that Dean will get to that place. You might have to file this one under the price Dean was willing to pay.

Instead of killing Sam, Dean murdered Death! Does this mean everyone on Earth is immortal?
The question now is: We killed Death, but can you kill the idea of death? We’ll be looking forward to answering it in Season 11.

After several seasons of either Dean or Sam being evil or cursed, will they finally be working side by side this year?
As always, all I can say is yes—and no.

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Though Crowley (Sheppard, left) was in peril from a bewitched Castiel (Collins), both will play big parts next season.

Is the Darkness your biggest bad since Lucifer and the threat of Apocalypse in Season 5?
It’s safe to say this is the biggest thing to happen to the boys in a long time. We’re starting to explore prebiblical territory, a part of the universe’s history that hasn’t been written about before. This is what happened before the Bible begins.

In the finale, Rowena’s magic caused a crazed Castiel (Misha Collins) to attempt to slaughter the King of Hell, her hated son Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Will either survive to help the brothers?
Based on what happened in that room, both of these guys have far bigger things to deal with than the boys at the top of the season.

So who will the Winchesters turn to for help?
The scariest proposition for Dean and Sam is they don’t know exactly what they need because they don’t know exactly what they’re dealing with. They only know what Death has told them. Everything after that is pretty much fresh snow, because so few people know about this.

Finally, what’s your big theme for Season 11?
You can’t outrun your past.