5 Clues to Solving the Secrets and Lies Mystery

Secrets and Lies
Secrets and Lies

At last, the moment of truth! After twists, turns, and red herrings galore, plus more sweaty jogs through the woods than we could possibly count, Secrets and Lies will finally reveal who killed little Tom Murphy when Season 1 signs off. Was it conflicted family man Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), who found Tom’s body, or someone else from his not-so-idyllic small town? Executive producer Barbie Kligman identifies a few key clues and offers a preview of what’s ahead.

1. Remember that blue jacket from the crime scene? Well, it’s baaack.

During Episode 5, Ben spotted Matt, his autistic teen neighbor, holding the coat worn by the killer. When the garment resurfaces in Episode 9, it brings answers along with it. “It’s very important who it belongs to,” Kligman teases.

2. Ben will see the light.

For the bulk of the season, not even Ben–whose memories of the night of the murder are patchy–has been certain about his own guilt or innocence. Going into Episode 10, however, “Ben knows exactly what happened,” Kligman says, “and why he couldn’t remember before.”

3. There’s a rhyme and reason to the murder.

“We’re not pulling someone out of left field, like, ‘The crazy uncle who lived in New York did it!'” says Kligman. “The audience has absolutely met the killer.” If you want to beat Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) to the solution, says Kligman, meditate on “the theme of families–parents, kids, and the right way to protect the people you love.”

4. Speaking of: Yes, the people closest to Ben are totally the shadiest.

Since the get-go, Ben’s estranged wife, Christy (KaDee Strickland), has been up to something. (Hello, removing her wedding band for a “client” meeting?) “Whether to trust her is a big deal as we approach the end,” says Kligman. Teen daughter Natalie (Indiana Evans) will have some ‘splainin’ to do as well. “She could end up being the most surprising character,” Kligman continues, “but the shoe might not drop in the way people are expecting it to.” As for Ben’s best buddy, Dave (Dan Fogler)? “Just because he shows Ben a well-appreciated display of loyalty in Episode 8 does not mean that he’s above reproach. He’s still hiding something big.”

5. Expect more than one aha moment.

Surprise: The actual whodunit is merely a prelude to more action. “Halfway through the finale, you’ll find out who killed Tom,” Kligman says. “But then you will see something else that transpires on the heels of that. There will be constant momentum up until the final second–and it’s completely shocking!”

Secrets and Lies, Season finale, Sunday, May 3, 9/8c, ABC