Mark Pellegrino on the Best Parts of ‘The Returned’ and Why You’ve Seen Him Everywhere (VIDEO)

Mark Pellegrino is that actor you know from, well, everything: mysterious Jacob on Lost, devilish Lucifer on Supernatural, delinquent dad Paul on Dexter, flamboyant lawyer Gavin on The Closer, not to mention roles on NYPD Blue, Being Human, Revolution and plenty of other shows. Now, he’s playing Jack Winship, the emotionally scarred father of twin girls–one of whom has only recently returned from the dead–on The Returned. Here, he tells us about his favorite storyline on the show and whether you should also check out the French version (Les Revenants, available on Netflix), as well as which of his many roles has been his favorite (hint: it’s all about the wardrobe.)

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