Katie Couric’s April Fools’ Prank Freaks Out James Corden

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Katie Couric’s April Fools’ prank freaks out James Corden
The Late Late Show host has worried about the stairs his guests use to enter his studio, and his fears were exploited when Couric had her “stunt double” fall down those stairs.

Paige from The Americans is TV’s most progressive Christian
“Paige’s faith,” says Jeff Jenson, “is fascinating for the way it’s portrayed and for the way it’s not being portrayed. Let’s start with the latter. She is not an avatar of fundamentalist, evangelical, and politically conservative Christianity, which impressed itself upon the culture in indelible ways during the ’80s.”

New Girl gives Cece a mom
Actress Anna George will guest star as the mother who isn’t impressed with Schmidt.

Omarosa and other notorious former reality stars held a mock NYC funeral for “Fake Reality”
Omarosa, Jon Gosselin, Tlia Tequila, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Big Ang Raiola were among the attendees at today’s funeral for “Fake Reality 1992-2015,” which featured pallbearers. The event was part of a promotion for Morgan Spurlock’s new AOL series Connected, which delves into the dark lives of six people.

Younger is a depressing reflection of TV’s approach to casting middle-aged women
“Casting a male actor in his late 30s as the star of a new show would barely raise an eyebrow,” says David Sims, “but there are very few compelling lead roles for an actress (Sutton) Foster’s age even in the expanding television landscape.”

A federal judge ruled in favor of an Off Broadway play’s Three’s Company spoof
The makers of 3C, a darkly comic reimagining of Three’s Company had been hit with a cease-and-desist order from the classic sitcom’s copyright holders.

Matthew Perry says he could easily retire, “but I have to work”
“I have to be a person that’s working,” says The Odd Couple star, who recounted to Buzzfeed all the failed shows he’s been a part of since Friends went off the air, from Studio 60 to Mr. Sunshine. “When all of those shows were canceled, I was absolutely fine,” he says. “I didn’t shed a tear at all. I was ready for them to be done, even if some of them were good. When you get the network call saying you’re canceled, I was, like, cool, no problem. The same thing would be true for The Odd Couple. I think I’m just lucky that I don’t need it.”

Jim Beaver is surprised Supernatural hasn’t found more ways to bring him back
“Various writers have told me that they’re always keeping an eye open for potential Bobby episodes,” he says. “It’s just a matter of being true to the mythos of the show, being true to the show’s natural rules.”

Watch Bob Barker’s return to The Price is Right
The audience freaked out when the longtime host appeared for April Fools’ Day.

A Simpsons super-fan recreated Homer Simpson pigging out on the couch
Watch Caolan McArthur recreate a scene from a 1992 episode.

Sling TV gets HBO streaming before the Game of Thrones premiere
Apple is no longer the exclusive home for standalone HBO service.

How soap operas paved the way for complex black roles in primetime
Daytime TV has been the forgotten birthplace of complex black characters on TV, especially with “The Young and the Restless.”

Watch Mike Myers in a 1987 TV pilot
Myers filmed 110 Lombard for Second City with Bonnie Hunt, Ryan Stiles and Richard Kind.

Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd joins Maisie Williams and George R.R. Martin in a Twitter spoof video
Watch them in the three-part series Supreme Tweeter.

FX has made Louie Season 4 available for streaming
You can watch all 14 episodes via the FX Now app through April 9.