What’s Worth Watching: Vikings Season Finale Will Have You Rethinking That Trip to Paris

Vikings in Paris Season 3 Episode 10
Bernard Walsh/HISTORY
Vikings Season 3 Episode 10

Vikings, “The Dead” (Thursday, 10/9c, History)

The Franks hold up their end of the bargain struck last week, bringing the promised ton and a half(-ish) of gold to the Vikings camped outside the gates of Paris. And yet Ragnar’s people still won’t move from their siege position, waiting, apparently, for Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) to die from the wounds sustained in the last attack. We’ve had major death after major death this season (goodbye, Siggy and Athlestan), but come on, there’s no way they’ll have Ragnar leave this world while lying, pitiful, in a bed, instead of going out in a bloody slash of glory…Right?