What's Worth Watching: Once Upon a Time Is Still Dealing With Some Stuff, Okay?

Oriana Schwindt
Bob D'Amico/ABC

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time, "Heart of Gold" (Sunday, April 12, 8/7c, ABC)

Man, Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) are kind of awful, right? Now Emma (Jennifer Morrison) knows just how awful they are—they stole Maleficent's baby and imbued the little nugget with darkness and then got it sent off to our world. Yeah, they feel bad about it, and it was kind of the Author's fault, but good grief. Anyway, now that Emma has released the Author (Mad Men's Patrick Fischler) from his book prison and he's running around Storybrooke, she has to put aside her shattered belief in her parents to go find him before he does even more damage.