What’s Worth Watching: House of Lies in the Balance

House of Lies
MIchael Desmond/SHOWTIME
House of Lies

House of Lies, feason finale (Sunday, March 29, 10/9c, Showtime)

The ethically compromised and eminently watchable king and queen of management consultants Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) and the hugely pregnant Jeannie van der Hooven (Kristen Bell) close out House of Lies’s fourth season in typical back-biting, highly tragicomic fashion.

In the first of tonight’s two back-to-back episodes, “white knight” investor Denna (the always welcome Mary McCormack) tries to wrest control of Marty’s company K&A, while almost everyone on his team consider other possibilities. Marty uses all of his guile in the finale to keep the firm going. Clyde (Ben Schwartz), Doug (Josh Lawson), and Kelsey (Valorie Curry) pray that Google will buy their new app. And, finally, Jeannie goes into labor. Baby Kaan, no doubt, will come out of the womb calculating how to make a deal for a way less crazy set of parental units. Whether Marty and Co. can win another season might be a tougher deal to seal.