A Very ‘Grimm’ Ending: Here’s a Preview of the NBC Hit’s Series Finale

Allyson Riggs/NBC

Can he destroy the destroyer? NBC’s terror hit Grimm ends its six-season run Friday, March 31, with Portland detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) in a fatal face-off with the demon Zerstorer—and nothing less than the future of humanity is at stake!

“We throw everything into the finale including the kitchen sink, in all its horror,” says executive producer/cocreator David Greenwalt. “Our last episode had to be bigger and badder than anything we’ve done before. And we had to make Nick pay and suffer like he’s never suffered—and he has suffered a lot!”

Leaving Grimm’s loyal fan base with closure was of utmost importance to the writers and cast. “We tie up everything with a little nod to the future that is really lovely and heartwarming,” promises Giuntoli. “We’re not The Sopranos, ending with a whole lot of ambiguity. Grimm, like the fairytales that inspired it, is a storybook and we will take you all the way to the final page and then literally close that book. Story over. You’re done!”

Here’s an exclusive TV Insider look at the final episode:

Grimm, Series Finale, Friday, March 31, 8/7C, NBC