‘Grimm’ Series Finale: Captain Renard Teams Up With the Good Guys (PHOTOS)

Grimm - David Giuntoli
Scott Green/NBC

It’s a devil of an ending! Supernatural drama Grimm wraps its six-season run on Friday, March 31, with a green-eyed, skull-headed monster from Hell—a fallen angel with deep connections to the Bible—trying to take psychic savant Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) as his child bride. It’s a situation so dire that Diana’s wicked dad, police captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), must team up with the good guys (Bree Turner, Claire Coffee, Roiz and Silas Weir Mitchell, below).

“Everything tragic that can happen will happen,” warns executive producer David Greenwalt. “The episode is bold and extremely emotional.” And it led to a cast-wide meltdown. “When we received the script for the last episode, we were all texting each other and sobbing,” says David Giuntoli (Det. Nick Burkhardt, above). “We started Grimm as a bunch of broke, unknown actors and have supported each other through marriages, births, deaths, our own weird version of celebrity—everything but plastic surgery!”


Grimm, Series Finale, March 30, 8/7c, NBC