‘Shadowhunters’ Midseason Finale: Love Triangles, Soul-Sword and Those Three Little Words

Shadow hunters - Alan Van Sprang, Dominic Sherwood
Spoiler Alert
Alan Van Sprang and Dominic Sherwood

[Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched the midseason finale of Shadowhunters. You’ve been warned!]

If any other shows want to know how to craft a midseason finale, tonight’s Shadowhunters can be used as a teaching tool. Ther were big questions answered—which only brought about new questions; love triangles were ignited; and, of course, one of our favorite couples finally exchanged ‘I love you’s.’

Which part had you ooh-ing and ah-ing, gasping or maybe throwing something at the TV? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

For now, let’s check in with showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer to see what they had to say about everything that went down.

Let’s start at a big moment when we saw Valentine slash Simon’s throat! I feel like that’s something pretty intense even for Shadowhunters!
Todd Slavkin: We went to a dark place. We were very aware of the relation it has to the public world we live in so we were sensitive and when we talked about [showing] it, do we or don’t we? And at the end of the day it was like, ‘let’s go for it, let’s go dark.’ It doesn’t happen in the books but we just felt like we wanted to put our own spin and go as dark as possible. So the fate of Simon really feels like it hangs in the balance as opposed to, ‘oh you know, he’s gonna be okay!’

And Simon is clearly changed after he feeds on Jace…
Slavkin: It’s about the pure angelic blood. It’s this pure angelic blood that only Jace and Clary have and that is what made Simon a Daylighter.

It definitely seems like it’s changed him for the better but is there a downside to him being a daylighter?
Slavkin: There’s always a downside. If something feels too good, there’s always a downside and we definitely explore that in 2B.

Moving onto Jace, he finds out that Valentine is not his father but Valentine says he’s his greatest creation and loves him. Where is Valentine coming from?
Darren Swimmer: Valentine raised Jace like his son and even though he’s not his blood-child, he’s always going to see him as his progeny in a sense and those paternal feelings will never go away. And likewise, it’s going be difficult for Jace in the future to sort out his feelings for Valentine.

So there’s a big question as to who Jace’s parents are really because obviously it’s not Valentine or Jocelyn!
Slavkin: Yes indeed, we will find out in 2B and it really changes his path.

Safe to say it will be an exciting, shocking reveal when it happens?
Slavkin: Absolutely. Massive reveal.

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Outside of all that we also got the first Malac ‘I love you!’ Very exciting.
Slavkin: And the performances in that scene are so beautiful. They really did an amazing job.

I was worried Alec was about to break up with Magnus. Did you ever talk about that happening at this point?
Swimmer: No, not at this point.
Slavkin: We really wanted to show the love. When you think that your boyfriend is in danger, or could in fact be dead, and when you find out they’re not, it suddenly shines a whole new light on your relationship and how much you really care about that person. I think that’s what attracted us to that runner between them.

Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum, Jr and Katherine McNamara

What will we see in 2B as far as their relationship? I talked to Harry recently and he told me Magnus will have some growing pains in being with Alec.
Slavkin: We really get into Magnus’ side of that relationship, as well as probing the depths of Magnus’ psyche, in ways beyond that relationship.

Izzy told Raphael (David Castro) that she was done with him but are we done with that potential coupling? I hope not!
Slavkin: We’re not done with them. From the book, we always knew Raphael was asexual, and that was something that we thought was really interesting that Izzy would meet a guy that she had feelings for, and then in the finale; he would say, I’m not interested in sex. We want to explore a little bit more of that moving forward. But they’re intertwined for a little bit longer. Not so much based on their addiction, but in real feelings for each other.

Valentine is now captured but can the Clave actually hold him? I can’t imagine that will be easy.
Swimmer: I think your instincts are correct about him. It’s a challenge and we’ll have to see what happens in 2B.

So let’s talk this big love triangle between Jace, Simon and Clary. Jace can really step up or back off since he’s well aware Climon is pretty happy at the moment. What will we see?
Swimmer: Jace is a very classy guy as we’ll see, but at the end of the day, he’s also Jace. But it’s juicy! It gets juicy between those three.

We see Luke healing after the battle but is Luke going to be okay?
Slavkin: No dagger can bring that wolf down! Luke is the strongest one of them all and he’s back but he’ll be dealing with the guilt over what happened in the finale. Physically he’s okay but there’s a certain anguish he’s got to deal with.

About that figure we saw with the Soul-Sword at the end. Will we we find out pretty quickly in 2B who that is or is that a question that goes on for some time?
Slavkin: You will find out in 2B. We definitely address it and I don’t want to give anything else away, but it’s cool. It’s really cool.

Shadowhunters, Season 2B Premieres, Monday, June 5, 8/7c, Freeform