Ryan Destiny Promises ‘Star’ Will Drop the Mic With Gasp-Worthy Season Finale


Star gazers be warned! Ryan Destiny (above), who plays on-the-rise songbird Alex Crane, promises the show’s season finale “will have you going, ‘Oh my God!’ several times and dying to know where we’re headed—but you’ll also be left feeling a little sad.”

So much can go haywire. Viewers will finally find out who killed pedophile Otis Leecan (Darius McCrary)—Alex is among the suspects—and the past will come back to haunt Miss Carlotta (Queen Latifah) in a badass way.

On the upside, if all goes well at the episode’s big event—the Atlanta Next Fest singing contest—Alex and her groupmates will land a recording contract worth more than $1 million. But even that is fraught with peril. “If the girls don’t win, it’s a minor setback,” says Destiny. “If they do, they could be in for a very rude awakening.”

Star, Season Finale, Wednesday, March 15, 9/8c, Fox