‘Our Kind of People’: How Does it Compare to Lee Daniels’ Other Fox Shows? (POLL)

Our Kind of People, Season 1, Yaya DaCosta
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Our Kind of People, Season 1, Episode 1, “Reparations.”]

Yaya DaCosta‘s making a splash as Angela Vaughn in Fox’s new soapy drama, Our Kind of People, from Lee Daniels.

As fans of Daniels know, he was also responsible for executive producing Empire and Star for the network in the past, but instead of focusing on music this time around, Our Kind of People delves into the lives of Martha’s Vineyard’s affluent Black community Oak Bluffs. DaCosta’s Angela hits up the Vineyard with her aunt and daughter in hopes of growing her Black haircare business Eve’s Crown.

Our Kind of People Yaya DaCosta FOX

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Transplants from Boston, Angela has some difficulty finding her footing within the elitist community which is run mostly by the Franklin and Dupont families. But there’s a deeper meaning behind Angela’s relocation as she and her family settle into a boarding house that her mother left to her in her will.

Angela’s hoping that she can unpack the mystery surrounding her mother’s past in Oak Bluffs and the identity of her father. Along the way, Angela has a few run-ins with the Franklin family’s heir, Leah Franklin-Dupont (Nadine Ellis). The woman who is powerful in her own respect looks down on Angela due to her tattered family roots. When Leah learns that Angela’s mother wasn’t part of high society, but rather an employee of her family’s back in the day, she wants to distance herself as much as possible from the newcomer.

Add in financial difficulties within her family’s company which is currently run by her father and Franklin family patriarch Teddy (Joe Morton), and you have one big mess of high stakes drama. But as Angela settles further into the Oak Bluffs community, she begins to recall things from her past and puzzle certain pieces together, questioning if her mystery father is actually Teddy as well.

It’s clear by the episode’s end that Angela is going to do whatever it takes to find out, and we can’t wait to see what happens when she receives an answer. The question we’d like to ask readers is, where does Our Kind of People fall in terms of Lee Daniels’ past Fox series. Let us know in the poll below, and share your thoughts on the premiere in the comment section.

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