Investigation Into Wes’ Death Takes Interesting Turn On ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ (RECAP)

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Just when you think you have some answers, How to Get Away with Murder finds a way to add even more questions. We start with a flashback with Wes on the move with Frank trailing him. He eventually loses him. Wes enters a cab when he gets a phone call from Laurel. He ignores it and instead calls a number listed in his phone as “In Case of Emergency…” He greets the person on the other line with his origin name Christophe.

Back to the present, and Laurel is discharged from the hospital just in time to attend Wes’ memorial. She walks into the church with the other remaining Keating kids and sees a photo of Wes. Laurel starts out okay with a tearful eulogy, but loses it with the fact that it isn’t a formal funeral and the people there didn’t really know him. Meggy is among the guests, which continues to give over-growing suspicion on how she plays into things.

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Bonnie works to get separate trials for Annalise and Frank during an arraignment. Frank has an attorney of his own, played by Brian Tyree Henry from Atlanta on FX. These proceedings get unexpected attendees in the form of Annalise’s mom and dad. Yes, the scene-stealing Cecily Tyson is back as Mama Ophelia. She wants to take the fall for her daughter for the fire, but references another fire from Annalise’s childhood. The one that she started and killed Annalise’s Uncle Clyde, who was sexually abusing Annalise. It’s revealed that Ophelia is beginning to get episodes of dementia.

Laurel goes MIA from the group and tries to see Wes’ remains for herself, but is unsuccessful. Detective Davis asks Oliver to come into the station for questioning. The gang runs through questions beforehand as he starts to freak out about the whole ordeal. The detective asks him why he went back to the legal clinic after leaving the scene of the fire. Oliver does well in the hot seat, denying he did anything for Annalise and was there because he was an emotional wreck and didn’t know where else to go. Maybe he should be considered the fifth member of the Keating club to fill the vacant spot Wes created.

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Laurel meets with Nate in hopes he can help her see Wes. He shows Laurel the body of Wes, which isn’t Wes! He unzips the bag that has his label, but it wasn’t him. The body is missing. Bonnie believes this will help Annalise’s case. Annalise isn’t so confident. Her parents come visit her in jail, which leads to an intense interaction between Annalise and her dad. He plays like he had no idea Ophelia caused the fire. Annalise confronts him further about him knowing what was going on with Uncle Clyde and doing nothing about it.

He says that he wasn’t the reason she is in the place she is in. “You ain’t special. What you are is selfish.” He says if she was trying to help her mama she would try to get out of the prison. This was spark to light a fire in Annalise to find a way to do just that. She goes on a verbal barrage on the bully inmate in her cell. She is attacked with multiple punches to the face before officers come in to break it up. There is a method to Annalise’s madness. She asks Bonnie to take a photo to show she is being targeted. Of course, the missing body doesn’t do the D.A. any favors either. Bonnie threatens to distribute the photos to the press claiming civil rights violations. Annalise is released and reunited with her mama.

Laurel pays a visit to Wes’ place, grabs a shirt and starts smelling it. She doesn’t believe Frank did killed her baby daddy after seeing him earlier in the episode. Poor Laurel trying to find some sort of closure. In other Frank news, he fires his lawyer and decides to represent himself. This will help where he and Bonnie can communicate freely. Nate is really in the weeds with all the recent developments as the D.A.’s office finds out that the body was transferred to another morgue. The signature on the transfer form was Nate’s. So there is that now. Before the episode fades to black we get another flashback with Nate going to Annalise’s residence in what appears to be before the fire. He sees Wes walk through the door.

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