Samantha Bee Femsplains Sanctuary Cities for the Fox News Crowd

Samantha Bee

It’s funny what 3 weeks under the Trump regime will do to a person. Take Samantha Bee for instance. After watching CNN’s ratings ploy debate over the future of the Affordable Care Act between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, the Full Frontal host would give her “left tit to have either one of [these] wonderful mansplaining pricks in the White House right now.”

On last night’sFull Frontal—which marked the show’s first anniversary—Bee didn’t just give CNN the ol’ good on ya for serving the public interest for almost half a day. She also took on Trump’s executive order promising to cut off federal funding for “Sanctuary Cities,” which, as Bee femsplains for the Fox News viewers who definitely watch her show each week, aren’t just places where “artists and the LGBTQ community seek sanctuary from the red states where they were born.”

Meanwhile, we’re sure the Full Frontal writings staff is busy writing material about the Senate’s formal silencing of Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren during Jeff Sessions’s Attorney General confirmation hearings for next week’s show—which they’ll almost certainly have to throw out when the next constitutional crisis or similar national calamity happens between now and Monday.