‘The Equalizer’: Fisk’s Return, Robyn & Dante’s Spark & More Still to Come

Donal Logue and Queen Latifah in 'The Equalizer'
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We may know when The Equalizer‘s third season is going to end — May 21, but don’t worry, it’s already been renewed for a fourth — but there’s still plenty to come before then.

Expect “lots of action, lots of emotion,” co-showrunner Adam Glass recently told TV Insider. “We’re going to tackle some other stories that you see in the headlines [after the recent episode about anti-Semitism] and it is the blessing of the show that we able to not just entertain, but also turn around and talk about some things that are important not to just us in the writers’ room but are things that we need to talk about in America.”

Plus, there will be “twists and turns that you don’t see coming,” he added.

Read on for five more things to expect going forward, from Glass and star Adam Goldberg.

Maybe a Step Forward for Robyn & Dante?

The will they/won’t they between Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) and Detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles) will continue. “I think in the traditional sort of television romance — and we talk about this all the time in the room, may it be Moonlighting, may it be Cheers, may it be everything like that — it’s that pull-tug and it’s like two ships passing in the night,” Glass explains. “Timing might never be right for these two. We hope it will be. We hope they could find a place, but [they’re] caught up in their personal lives and their professional lives and everything like that. There’s definitely something there. There’s a spark. And just the question is can they ever come together and find the right time to make it work?”

Tory Kittles and Queen Latifah in 'The Equalizer'

Michael Greenberg/CBS

So might there be any major steps forward in the rest of Season 3? “No comment,” Glass said.

And speaking of their professional lives, things were a bit tense between Robyn and Dante after he let conman Randall Grayle (Berto Colon) get away to help Mel (Liza Lapira) in “Second Chance,” though they have gotten past that. But Randall is still out there. “It’s definitely a hanging chad out there that we definitely want to look at again. When, we don’t know yet,” is all the co-showrunner would say.

Fisk Is Returning

First seen in Episode 5 of this season, “Blowback,” Donal Logue will be back as Colton Fisk, who’d been undercover to find dirty agents (like Brett Dalton‘s Carter Griffin). At the close of the hour, Robyn met him at Bishop’s grave; her late mentor trained Fisk. He told her he didn’t care if she agreed with his methods, but she would have to answer the phone when he called, with her arrangement with the agency now under his supervision. He also blamed Robyn for Bishop’s death.

As for what to expect from Fisk in his return, “anytime he’s around, there’s trouble,” Glass teased. “Something big is happening. So Fisk is there, trouble’s not far behind.”

Miles Is Still a Concern

While Miles (Stephen Bishop) was ready to fight for full custody of Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) — due to the risks of Robyn’s job — Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) stepped in to have a talk with him. Delilah’s staying with her mom, but that’s not the end of Miles being a concern when it comes to Robyn equalizing.

“Miles is the father of her child and we’re going to keep playing him and he’ll be around,” Glass previews. “I think that as we move forward, there will still be challenges of what she’s doing and her equalizing it and how that affects her daughter. And the question is for Miles, how accepting can he be and how much can he do moving forward? Just put it this way: We will ring that bell somewhere down the line again.”

Our Dream Family Dinner?

Now that we’ve met Mel’s siblings and Dante is the know, when are we getting the big family dinner with Robyn, Mel and her family, Harry (Goldberg), Aunt Vi, and Delilah, during which they have to work a case and keep the truth from Mel’s parents? “You just pitched an episode,” Glass laughed. “We’re going to have to figure it out.”

He does like that we’re getting to see the team outside of equalizing. “It’s building and stretching out our world,” he said. “We love our characters and then seeing what our characters are invested in, who they’re invested in. It’s just going to keep help bringing people back and make the show more and more emotional for everybody.”

More Sweet Moments & Justice Seeking From Harry & Mel

As for what’s ahead for one of our favorite “ride or die” couples on TV, Harry and Mel, “we’re always there for each other,” Goldberg shared. “There’s just more really sweet moments between them as the season progresses and also just getting out and doing stuff together.”

Also in the episodes to come, we’ll be getting more justice seeking and “a little more action” for Harry — and phone calls between him and Aunt Vi! “That’s a lot of my interaction with other cast members are these phone calls,” he said with a laugh. “So there’s a bunch of stuff with us but we were never in the same room. But working with her was a blast. We had a really fun time together.”

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