‘Sister Wives’: Christine Denies Stopping Kody From Rekindling Romance With Meri

Christine Brown on Sister Wives: One on One special

It’s non-stop drama on TLC‘s Sister Wives as the polygamist Brown family continues to fall apart after broken-down relationships and slanderous accusations.

The latest hot topic came in part one of the three-part Sister Wives One-on-One special last week when Kody Brown claimed that Christine blocked his chance at reconciliation with his first wife, Meri.

“My other three best friends, I expressed that to them. [I said], ‘Meri and I can work it out, maybe,'” he told host Sukanya Krishnan. “I’m going like that with these three women, and it just rattles Christine.”

In a new clip from the upcoming part two, shared by ET Online, Christine and the other Sister Wives react to Kody’s claims. Robyn, the only wife Kody is legally married to, tells Krishnan she believes Kody and Meri could have worked things out had Christine not stood in their way.

“Yeah, because when Kody says and thinks that kind of stuff, it usually happens,” she explains before adding, “It sucks, right?”

Christine, the first wife to separate from Kody and the family, shoots down the accusations, describing them as “absolutely frustrating” and “offensive.”

“There’s no way I would not support him and Meri having a great relationship if that’s what they both wanted. That’s absolutely ridiculous,” she says in the clip. “I think there was something that was twisted in that there was no way I would have ever felt like that. I don’t feel like that.”

Christine goes on to share her frustrations with Kody, stating, “That he would twist my words to somehow think that I would say anything like that. And that he would say that and spread that lie is what’s frustrating. That’s a lie. That’s not me, and I would never do that.”

As for Meri, this appears to be the first time she’s heard of the situation, telling Krishnan she “never heard this out of [Kody’s] mouth” or Christine’s. “That’s a little heartbreaking to me,” Meri says after Krishnan tells her that Robyn remembers the moment.

On Tuesday (December 27), Christine shared a TikTok video of her last day on set, describing it as “a little bittersweet.” The video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the confessional setup from the hit TLC reality series.

@christine_brownsw I filmed this the last day I was on the Flagstaff set. I travel back-and-forth for a year. An 8 hour drive every other week. So glad to finally settle in Utah! #fyp #foryoupage #christinebrown #sisterwives #interview #production #behindthescenes ♬ original sound – Christine Brown

“This is the couch, right here, that I’ve sat on for years talking about the show and discussing my feelings,” Christine shares while giving viewers a tour. “This is the last time, and it’s a little bittersweet.”

Sister Wives, “One on One: Part 2,” Sunday, January 1, 10/9c, TLC