‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins Says Friendship With Camille Is ‘Important’ in Season 3

Lily Collins - 'Emily in Paris'

A third season with bright, bold, bubbly Emily Cooper? That’s like renewing the best virtual tour of Paris with a highly poised guide.

“Emily’s graduated to a new level of confidence,” says Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. What she lacks in her command of French, she makes up for in pluck and fashion sense.

And in these new installments of the lush fantasy about an ambitious 20-something from Chicago who lands her dream job at a top marketing firm in the City of Light, Emily faces a host of choices. First, what about her long-simmering love for chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), who has reunited with champagne heiress Camille (Camille Razat)?

“Emily’s friendship with Camille is important,” Collins says, adding that Emily can now focus on romance with banker Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), whose friendship with Gabriel “makes things complicated.”

Another crossroads: return to Chicago with practical (and still pregnant) boss Madeline (Kate Walsh) or stay put working for sophisticated Parisian Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu)? Plus, there’s Emily’s mix of business — including trying to sign luxury conglomerate honcho Nicolas de Leon (Paul Forman) — and downtime with bestie Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), whose singing career hits a new high. Finding that work-life balance is what Emily in Paris is all about. Well, that and food, fashion, and fun. No matter where Emily ends up, she’ll always have Paris.

The third season of the Darren Star series premieres December 21 on Netflix. And while Gabriel’s reunion with Camille may make Emily’s love triangle choice for her, the Season 3 trailer implies that won’t be the end of their story. Her relationship with Alfie will continue to grow as Emily tries to live life in the present and shuck the “so American” existential dread she feels all too often in the 10-episode installment.

Emily in Paris, Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday, December 21, Netflix