’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: A Wrench in Kimberly & Usman’s Plans (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Can't Fight This Feeling

Season 7 • Episode 13

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 13 “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”]

These relationships just can’t calm down! If you think you are sure about how some of them will turn out, you’ll definitely need to read on to learn how fates turn in this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Kimberly and Usman

It’s the couple’s last day in Sokoto; tomorrow, they’ll go back to Abuja in preparation for Kimberly to fly back to San Diego. Kimberly is excited to help Usman decorate his house by hanging up his various music awards. He’s now calling it their house, and that makes her so happy.

While they’re working on the living room, Usman shocks her by getting on one knee and proposing with a ring. He explains in an interview that he was thrilled that she proposed to him, but it’s not “ideal,” so he decided to propose as well.

“He put a ring on it!” she waggles her finger.

Later, they video chat with an immigration lawyer, who has some bad news: Usman can’t have wives in multiple countries and keep his green card. He also can’t travel back to Nigeria four times a year while they’re in the process of trying to get it, which would violate the marriage agreement that Kimberly made with his family.

They both cry as they prepare to leave the hotel and head to the airport, and they share affectionate kisses as she leaves, which isn’t their usual stiff way of parting in public. They don’t know when they’ll be seeing each other next.

“This trip showed me how much I mean to Usman, but it is really discouraging that our marriage could be in danger, because we still have to figure out this second wife thing,” she says. “I feel like so much of our future is out of our control.”

Big Ed and Liz


The couple fly to Bentonville, AR to meet Big Ed’s sister Christine and her husband Jack and to prepare for their second engagement party. Liz is nervous to see how or if Big Ed defends her to his family and terrified that there will be drama at the party.

On the way to Christine’s house, Big Ed reveals that he was the middle, spoiled child amongst six kids who “did troubling things, but rarely got caught.” His parents divorced when he was a senior in high school. His mother Norma moved to California after splitting with his father, who passed away about 10 years ago.

Big Ed hopes that his sister will give Liz a chance because he spent a lot of time in Arkansas after he and Liz broke up and she saw his heartache. Christine tells producers that Big Ed seems happy and she wants that for him, but she’ll see what happens.

Christine talks to their mother weekly and knows that she wants Big Ed to be happy even though she’s not talking to him right now. He hopes that he and Liz make a good impression on his Arkansas family and maybe his mother will open up and give them a chance. Christine says that she is “historically stubborn,” but maybe she just needs a little more time.

Liz apologizes for crying at this “touchy subject” and admits that she’s nervous to meet the extended family tomorrow. Christine says everyone is looking forward to meeting and visiting with her, but they are loud and it is going to be “a lot.”

“It will be hard for Ed to settle down or move forward without family approval,” she frets to producers.

Angela and Michael

The newly-reconciled couple goes to fix Michael’s car, the one that Angela ripped pieces off of with her bare hands. While at the mechanic, Michael proposes that they go to counseling. “Oh hell no!” she exclaims. “I don’t need nobody to tell me how to handle my man!”

Angela recalls that their pre-marriage counseling in Nigeria didn’t go so well for her because the counselors prescribed “total submission.”

“Michael’s going to be treated like the king and I’m gonna be treated like the damn pauper,” she worries. “If I go to counseling, I’m not gonna be told what to do.”

She finally agrees to go and admits in the session that her TikTok duet partner Billy (a.k.a. the former stripper named the Original Thief of Hearts) has kidney disease and she promised that she’ll visit him in Canada. Michael doesn’t want her to go, sharing in his interview that he’s scared that she’ll leave him for Billy.

Angela tells the counselors, “I didn’t wanna come here, but I’m glad I did. Right, Michael?”

Elizabeth and Andrei


Libby and Andrei are on their way to meet up with her sisters Becky and Jenn, who still haven’t reached out to her after finding out her pregnancy news on social media. “I’m hoping that we can take the first steps to fixing our relationships and putting the drama behind us,” she says in an interview. Becky tells the cameras that Libby is “drifting away into the abyss.”

After Andrei calls the sisters “sheep” for going to their mom’s birthday party after initially saying that they wouldn’t, Becky stands up and screams in his face. She quickly apologizes, explaining that it reminded her of a time in high school when she saved Libby from being bullied at her locker. “You guys have been against him since he got here,” Libby reminds them.

Becky cries, which briefly softens Libby. They all agree to go to a family counseling session. “I’m really, really hoping that this therapy session will be our saving grace,” Libby says to producers.

Jovi and Yara

The family is driving to Germany with Jovi’s friend Talmadge (a.k.a. T). Yara plans to meet her friend Karina in Garmisch Partenkirchen, the town she has escaped to from Ukraine, while Jovi and T are making drinking plans. “I think that Jovi does not take this trip seriously and that really hurts me,” Yara says in an interview.

Yara asks Jovi to stop so that she can buy some clothes and supplies for Karina, who arrived in the country with very few personal effects. While in the store, Yara empathizes with all the mothers who have had to leave Ukraine. Her mom encourages her to stay in Europe longer. “That’s why I feel like I should stay and help people: because I feel like I could be them,” she says in her sit-down.

Back in the car, Jovi and T shoot down the idea. Jovi says she can help from a distance. He argues that Yara’s mom is influencing the decision and that she will just get more attached if she stays.

Yara just wants to make her own choice: “I am a grown ass woman and I am not some woman with no brain.”

Bilal and Shaeeda

It’s the day after Bilal faced off with Shaeeda’s friend Eutris in a New York City restaurant. Shaeeda is glad that Eutris stood up for her but doesn’t think that antagonizing Bilal is the way to go.

While clothes shopping, Eutris tells Shaeeda that she needs to disarm Bilal because he is too comfortable and she never gives him any doubts. Back at the hotel, Shaeeda convinces Bilal to meet up with Eutris. He says that he will, if Eutris apologizes to him.

When Bilal and Eutris meet, she shares that she didn’t sleep well last night because of their tense dinner. Bilal apologizes if he came off the wrong way and says he was joking.

Eutris asks why he won’t get Shaeeda a yoga studio. Bilal says he never said he’d get her a studio; rather, he said he’d help her get her business off the ground with websites and marketing. Eutris side eyes him.

“I think he should have been a bit more forthcoming and transparent with her,” Eutris tells producers.

Eutris moves on to children, and Bilal says that he would give all praise to God if Shaeeda got pregnant in the next six months, even though that’s not what he is aiming to have happen.

“She could forget to take her birth control pills,” Eutris said to producers. “Problem solved.”

Next Time

Liz gets a lot of side eyes from Big Ed’s family at their second engagement party. The reception makes her panic. Meanwhile, Kimberly video chats with Usman, who now wants to adopt, and she wants to know who he expects will raise the child. Usman says, “I’m asking, do you want to raise him?”

Yara wants to stay in Europe for an extra month while Jovi is away at work, but he won’t budge. “I feel like we came as a family and we will go home as a family,” he asserts, as Yara’s mom starts crying.

If he’s deported, Andrei expects Libby to leave with him, but she doesn’t want to have her baby in another country. Sumit is planning to visit his parents, and Jenny’s daughter wants to go with them so that Jenny doesn’t get berated.

Angela FaceTimes Billy and lets him know that Michael is in the room. Billy’s surprised reaction infuriates Michael, who shoos the cameras away and slams the door.

Whew! Luckily, we don’t need to wait 90 days to see what happens next.

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